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Hey Everyone

Posted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 4:18 pm
by pumpkinspice
Hey Everyone,

We have just brought home a new puppy, Pumpkin, and she turning 3 months old in a few days.

She is just a fluff ball of energy I've been all over this forum searching up tips and tricks for her as this is my first dog. So far she has quickly learned how to sit and give high fives and is just very playful and intelligent, potty training has been a mixed bag but she is getting the hang of it.

My question is I have been trying to determine if she is an open faced or closed face chow, and how dark her coat is supposed to become as the breeder said she is a red chow but is still very light and turning into a light shade of brown closer to cinnamon?

Also, if there is any tips about stopping the nipping when it comes to playing with her. She loves nipping the feet and pulling on pants.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Bellow are some photos, let me know what you all think about her :)