Question regarding chow chow and cats

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Question regarding chow chow and cats

Postby popopuff » Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:49 pm


I'm adopting a female chow at the end of September and I currently have 3 cats. 2 cats are the same age, around 1 year old and 1 older mother cat, around 6 years old. The 2 cats get along with each other pretty well and stay home most of the time but not the mother cat. She's rarely home though. She's always outside playing then come home every 2 days. I'd say my female cats are a bit territories. By the time that I bring Po Po home, she'll be around 8-9 weeks old so how can this work out?

I've read a lot of articles or "how to" and was told to keep them apart first, let them get use to the smell of each other before the engagement. My house has 1 empty bedroom. My cats tend to love my bedroom but I'd want Po Po to be with me all the time since she'll still a puppy. Would I move the cats to the empty room and keep Po Po in my room or the other way around? My parent told me to choose either a chow chow or 3 cats, but how can I choose? I love all of them the same.

That being said, I really need help to make this work. Please help me!!!

Thank you!

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