First Chow Chow and already ready for a second!

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First Chow Chow and already ready for a second!

Postby PrincessFox » Sat Oct 22, 2016 1:13 am

Got my first Chow Chow baby at ) weeks! His name is Jayce, and we got very lucky to find someone with blue babies! Jayce is basically my son, he is super loveable and put his ears back and shakes his butt in excitement when I get home. He is a doll, and has been surprisingly easy to train for the amount of energy he has.

I've been reading the forums and have seen a lot of talk about "mutated colors" i.e. blue Merle and brindle. I totally understand not wanting them to breed, as their genes could carry defects. But is it bad to own one from a non breeder? I've been looking to get a friend for Jayce, and my husband absolutely loves brindle coats. Would it be frowned upon to seek a pup of this color? I'm super respectful of the breed and would not want to offend anyone by looking for/buying one.

I will attach some pictures of my baby when I'm off my phone!

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