First chow chow as my second dog

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First chow chow as my second dog

Postby nas7232 » Fri Oct 21, 2016 3:56 am

Hi, i am looking for some advice. Ive researched chows intensively and looking to get a second puppy for my french bulldog to have as a companion. My frenchie will be 1 years old when ill get our second dog. Initially i was going to get a japanese akita (family dog) but the incidence of food aggression in females is too risky. Ive read on here of chows being aggressive to other household pets but only read this when the chow was rhe older dog or 2 chows in the same household.

Has anyone experienced food agression jn their chows from puppies and how are chows generally as second dogs to a non chow household. My frenchie is male and playful. He is great on his own up to 5 hours in the day.

Cindy J
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Re: First chow chow as my second dog

Postby Cindy J » Sat Oct 22, 2016 4:36 am

We have zero food aggression with our adult male chow. Our female chow puppy is not aggressive but she is pushy and sees nothing wrong with eating out of everyone's bowl. She does not growl or nip at the others. She simply pushes in and tries to eat their food. For this reason I feed her in the other room. I think meals should be stress free.

What you will see is the normal puppy nipping when they interact. A new puppy (any breed) will be very active and bitey. You will need to supervise play time and be prepared to separate them if the puppy becomes too much for your Frenchie. At a year your Frenchie will more than likely have plenty of energy to have fun with a new puppy. Just make certain to stop play if you see signs of stress. It is OK for him to give the puppy corrections. BUT, you want to make certain the corrections do not elevate to the point of physical harm.

*side note about aggression in adult chows* ~ A confident well tempered chow that has been properly socialized should not show aggression to the other dogs in your home. My nearly 3yr old chow is the most calm agreeable dog in my home. (4 dogs)
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