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Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2019 3:32 pm
by chow315
hi my heart is bigger than my head. a friend died and had 2 chows mother and son. they were in horrible shape. did not have fur from middle of back down to tail due to mange.i already had 2 healthy dogs a chow and a dingo. i took these in and they are very healthy all except that they continue to have ear mite problems. it is 100 dollars each dog to take them to the vet and it comes right back i dont know why. i am 68 and husband is 78. we love these dogs but can not afford to keep them.they are 13 and 7 years of age. they are up to date on shots and spayed and neutered.they have been well socalized and get along well with the other dogs. they do not show any aggression and are house trained. they have never been apart the son bathes his mothers face at night.they will step into the tub and stand still to be bathed.we they do not have any other health problems that we know of and they have been to the vet very often