Elon NC Bear 2 y o neutered male Chow needs new home

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Elon NC Bear 2 y o neutered male Chow needs new home

Postby eprescue » Sun Sep 09, 2018 7:27 am

Contact is owner Sabrina Otero
Phone and email listed below

From: Robin Morgan <robinmorgan@investmentprops.net>
Date: September 8, 2018 at 10:49:49 AM CDT
Subject: Urgent!!! Elon, NC: ADORABLE 2 YO PUREBRED CHOW "BEAR" NEEDS REHOMING ASAP- is there a Rescue that can help her?

This young lady, Sabrina, was referred to me needing to rehome her beloved young chow, Bear, ASAP. I am in S Cal- so we need help from someone on the East Coast. Sabrina has had him since 10 weeks old when someone else gave him up, and she took in to save him. Bear has apparently been fine around a westie dog and 2 cats he grew up with, but recently attacked her boyfriend’s yorkie, which seems to be out of jealousy, and resulted her getting bit by Bear in the hand. It should be noted that the bite was not by accident, but rather, he got mad at her and then bit her- even though he had never done anything like this in the past. She seems to love him dearly, but her family is now asking him to be rehomed ASAP because they have small children in the home, and Sabrina does not have the resources to get him the training that he likely needs. Because Sabrina had to seek medical treatment, the bite was reported to AC, but she was allowed to quarantine Bear at her home. Sabrina has provided a lot of info below, and is more than happy to speak to someone with extensive chow experience who may be able to help, adopt or rescue. Again, he likely needs some training, but otherwise seems to be a typical, adorable chow. He’s only two years old and current on shots, no medical issues. Who can help? Sabrina’s contact and further info is below. She is also willing to drive him out of state to a qualified rescue. Thank you.

From: Sabrina Otero <snoelleotero@gmail.com> (336) 380-1323
Sent: Friday, September 07, 2018 11:39 AM
To: Robin Morgan <robinmorgan@investmentprops.net>
Subject: Re: Elon, NC: Urgent!!! BEAR the Chow Chow Needs Placement!!

Hi Robin,

Below should be all the answers you need, but please let me know if I missed one.

I have you contacted all local rescues that I’ve found information on. Most have told me they are at capacity or that they will be unable to help due to the fact that he bit me.

The only responses I’ve had this far is that my info will be shared. I don’t believe that I’ve heard from a Joan.

I met a woman at a five below who had a puppy in her shopping cart. He was approximately 10 weeks old, full of fleas, and cuts. The dog was obviously mistreated and she was looking to unload him. My boyfriend and I paid her for the dog in hopes to find him a better home and ultimately fell in love with him. We were both in college and had no business taking on a dog. I didn’t even know what a Chow Chow was. He had no papers nor did I have records for him. I took him to my vet, got him neutered, microchipped, up to date with shots, and everything I could in my power to give him a life of success.

He has been raised around my two year d Westie and two cats. He was playful with all my pets. He treated them and my intermediate family like we were his pack. Any other animals adults he usually had to take about four to five times of seeing them until he was alright being around him. He’s never liked children with the exception of my younger brother.

He is up to date with all vaccinations.

He knew it was me when he bit me. Unfortunately due to the severity of the bite I had no choice, but to seek medical treatment. Because of this, I did have to report the bite to animal control. He is on an in home 10 Day Quarantine. He is on day three. This was his first bite to my knowledge. He has always been a fearful dog and given warnings, but this is the first time he has bitten anyone.

I was in so much shock I couldn’t discipline him. My boyfriend had him go to our backyard and he was happy to do so. He is legally registered to me and has a chip in my name. The last time he went to the vet was a month or two ago.

I hope this helps. Below are pics of when I took him home. I’ve also attached pics of the bite.

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Sabrina Otero <snoelleotero@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Sep 5, 2018 at 8:20 AM
Subject: Urgent — Chow Chow Needs Placement
Hi there,
My name is Sabrina Otero. I live in Elon, NC and I am reaching out about my dog Bear who is a two year old chow chow. We’re in a really dark place right now. Yesterday he bit me trying to attack a small dog (a six pound yorkie with no teeth who is eight years old). Since the bite, he refuses to interact with me or my family. He will listen to my boyfriend, but my boyfriend cannot take him in because he lives at home with his parents who own a small yorkie. I believe I have failed my dog. I love him with all my heart, but I do not have the resources to train him or bring him back to the social level he was. My mom refuses for him to continue staying here because we have small children and other small animals here. I don’t want my baby to be put down, but I don’t think I can control him anymore. If someone is able to foster him they really should not have any small children or animals. He will growl at first, but usually will mellow after a bit.
Below are some pics of him. My number is (336) 380-1323. I can send more photos, answer questions, etc.
This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Bear is my life. I’ve had him since he was a puppy. This feels like my heart is being ripped out of my chest; however, I need to do the right thing by him and find him the support he needs. If you can help me I would sincerely appreciate it.
Thank you,
Sabrina Noelle Otero
From: Sabrina Otero <snoelleotero@gmail.com>
Sent: Saturday, September 08, 2018 6:32 AM
To: Robin Morgan <robinmorgan@investmentprops.net>
Subject: Re: Elon, NC: Urgent!!! BEAR the Chow Chow Needs Placement!!
To my knowledge, once the quarantine is over there will not be any additional tests. They told me once the quarantine is over that’s all.
He has met this dog before, but perhaps it was a jealousy issue because he loves my boyfriend who was holding the yorkie. He had been fine with the yorkie in the past though. I believe he’s upset that I didn’t let him attack the yorkie I don’t believe I hurt him in the process because I was just trying to block him from hurting the yorkie or my boyfriend.
He was not punished physically nor was he scolded. We were in too much shock. My boyfriend just told him to go outside and he excitedly went to the door to play outside. We were more focused on trying to diffuse the situation and get to the hospital due to the amount of blood.
Unfortunately in my area of Elon, NC I have been unable to find a chow specific rescue. If I could have help in that endeavor I’d greatly appreciate it.
From: Sabrina Otero <snoelleotero@gmail.com>
Sent: Saturday, September 08, 2018 8:30 AM
To: Robin Morgan <robinmorgan@investmentprops.net>
Subject: Re: Elon, NC: Urgent!!! BEAR the Chow Chow Needs Placement!!

We’re also willing to drive out of state if we can find a rescue that’s willing to take him!

Please be sure to verify all information with the owner of this dog. Southern California Chow Chow Rescue Network makes no representations that should be relied upon or is verified. Any adopter or rescue shall be responsible.
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Pic of Bear
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