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Bloat Info

Post by Zhuyos mom » Wed Mar 30, 2005 11:11 pm

Just cross-posting info I posted on the old site about Bloat.... in case someone notices signs in their dog or chow. I remember browsing through the old "Dr. Chow" section trying to figure out what was going on with Zhu that dreaded July evening.



1. Dry heaves/heeves?
2. Feeling of impacted bowels.
3. Restlessness, pacing and unable to lie down.
4. Yelping when trying to lie down.
5. Walking around bow legged (like something is up the butt).
6. Walking like he's intoxicated. By then, all four are bow legged and low to the ground.
7. Finding a dark corner to sit and facing the wall(s).
8. Very large belly, feels like a fully inflated balloon and hard as a watermelon! VERY IMPORTANT TO FEEL! because with all the chow fur it was hard for me to notice it.
9. Finally, down on all fours, no yelping and can't get up. (That means it's a matter of minutes before they go into shock.) ... prevent-it ... s_syndrome

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carolyn dewrance
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Post by carolyn dewrance » Fri Apr 22, 2005 9:30 am

A few precious pets, In the Chow world have been lost to us through this terrible illness, the magnificent Show Dog "Topponas Adoons of Karloo" was but one of them and he is a sad loss to the Show World. Various conditions, overeating, and abnormal swollowering of air can cause bloat. Vomiting, trauma, vigorous exercise before or after eating. Drinking excessive water after eating of exercising, or by a hard kick to the abdomen] region.
If you dog gets bloat and it is not attended to immediately he will die, a most horrible death. So seek emergency treatment if you think he has bloat. Bloat begins with a accumulation of gas in the stomach, as the dog is unable to relieve the gas; The stomach begins to distend causing pain and discomfort, as it enlarges it pushes backward the abdominal organs and forwards towards the diaphragm. The dog will attempt to gain relief by trying to vomit. During the contractions to produce vomiting the stomach twists and therefore is without an opening in which to release its contents. As the stomach swells (often to the size of a football) there will be progressive deliberation, the dog’s circulation to vital organs is impaired, he will go into shock, from respiratory and circulation failure and he will die.
The Symptoms of bloat are that the dog will become uncomfortable and restless. Which will he followed by excessive salivation, the abdomen begins to swell, he will try to vomit, there will be evidence of great pain, and breathing becomes shallow and rapid. The abdomen when tapped with a finger sounds like a hollow drum, -the eyes will stare to stare, and the dog will then collapse and go into shock. TREATMENT.
Treat for shock and get the dog to the Vet at once. Remember delay will cause death.
Male Chows over the age of 2 years are more suseptical to bloat than females.
HOMEOPATHY Give Chichicum 3X repeat every 10.15 minutes until symptoms are relieved.


The animal must be kept warm and quite, and on a light diet of honey and water, for a few days if it is necessary a few doses of arnica 6 will help to overcome the effect of shock.
This treatment is only for the very early signs of bloat, and surgery could be avoided if caught in time. :cry:
Carolyn Dewrance
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