New HD string re surgery

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Re: New HD string re surgery

Postby threedogjeep » Fri Sep 12, 2008 4:38 am

as an update

Leela is still on Glycoflex three, pharmceutical-grade fish oil, vit e, Solid Gold Seameal. She started having a run of the runs and some itching...was on Hundenflocken/canned Solid Gold mix...transitioned to Wolf King and Merrick BG (grain free) and she is now back to doing well and getting into mischief. My vet taught my husband how to give her the adquan she gets 1.5 every 30 days.

She still "bunny hops" up steps, and sometimes doesn't get up so easily....still doesn't roll onto her back and mostly sits on one side. However, she now jumps up on the couch and takes major zoomies through the big fenced back yard......and we play "gotcha" all the time. She loves to watch the birds (we have about 6 feeders) and doesn't chase them.....and allows a little rabbit to live under the shed with no issues. She is such a sweetheart......

I am saving for the surgery.
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