China Doll Chows

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China Doll Chows

Postby dnmfarm » Sat Dec 02, 2017 3:59 pm

I recently contacted China Doll Chows in search of a red female Chow puppy. Jettie Burch said she had two. I arranged to purchase one of the puppies and sent her $3425 for the puppy with full registration and shipping. On 6 Nov 17 my check cleared my bank. On 11 Nov 17 she contacted me via email and stated she was going to return my money because I was a breeder. She purchased a dog from me 10 years ago and has one of his offspring as one of her sires. She had my full name so I assumed she would know who I was. On 14 Nov she called me and said she had changed her mind and would sell me the puppy. On 25 Nov she emailed me to say she wasn't going to sell me the puppy with full registration and was returning my money. I asked her to return my money via overnight mail. She refused saying she would send it certified. As of 2 Dec I still haven't received my money. She refuses to answer my emails or return my calls. I am now being forced to retain a lawyer in order to get my money back. This has turned into a nightmare. I would not recommend purchasing a puppy from this kennel.

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