Recap- Montreal Chow Meetup

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Recap- Montreal Chow Meetup

Postby Merlin » Sun May 02, 2010 5:10 am

See the pictures at:

Today marked our Spring Chow / Pei BBQ Meetup here in Montreal with some of our members and we really had a great time.
The rain held off so we were able to make our campfire, have our BBQ weenies and go down to the beach to "pei".
The dogs certainly enjoyed themselves. It's always a marvellous opportunity to socialize our Asian dogs, and hat's off to Jean Louis Chatel who has Suki running around without a leash these days. She's very nicely trained and stays with her Pappa! We feasted on yummy sausages and king sized weiners, cooked by none other than the Big Toe himself.

I think everyone will agree that the Class Clown of the day was Mr. Wookie-Wookster who literally dumped his Shar-Weeny to cast attentions on to Pricilla and Suki. At one point on the beach he started running around putting on quite the show for everyone. He even did a sliding stop head first into the mud and was loving every minute of it.

We were totally spoiled by the talents of member Deborah, who pulled out a guitar and laid some great music on all of us.
Thank you Deborah. You're HIRED for the Peanut Cup!!!

I'm trying desperately to get Deborah to sing at the Ottawa Chow / Pei meetup come Sunday, June 6th!

Great day was had by all.

See the pictures at:
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