Saving Dakota - Now Fiona and her Forever-Home

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Saving Dakota - Now Fiona and her Forever-Home

Post by Larry Harris » Fri Sep 21, 2007 2:10 pm

"Lettergirl" saves Marietta Georgia Peach.

This story starts off like a horror movie plot, but it has a surprising ending. It starts off with a four year old Chow Chow mix that is tied to a heavy object in the back yard. Her stupid humans move away, left her to die alone in the Georgia heat. Hate to spoil their plans, Lisa a member of spotted her in the backyard after she had chewed through the rope and freed herself. Immediately after seeing this little chow Lisa sets into action a plan to rescue the dog newly named Dakota.

Lisa starts feeding our Dakota to gain her trust but to no avail, this is one smart and people fearful little dog. Undaunted Lisa calls for aid, she calls Susan at Kat 5 Rescue. Susan makes some quick calls and within days Dakotas rescue is at hand. Story over? I don’t think so, Lisa living in a rented house like so many do is unable to keep this little girl. As much as she wants to be her rescuer and permanent home, it is just not possible. So again the call for help goes out. This time it plea goes out on the list.

TLC Chow Rescue can take her but transportation is a problem. Dakota must get from Marietta, GA to Holland, Michigan. Insurmountable problem? Not when you are dealing with a large group of people that are owned by Chows. The list pulls together and a “Puppy Express” is born. With the help of many volunteers Dakota is driven north over a two day period. Little did we know that one of the families would in a few hours grow to love this little one like she had been there all her life.

Can you believe it there is still one more obstacle to get over before Dakota can go to her forever family. She tested positive for heartworm! This poor little girl has been through so much, now this. While she is at TLC Chow Rescue she is treated by her vet DR. Jim of Mapleview Animal Hospital, she gets two shots in as many days. Heartworm can and has killed many pets; even the treatment can be fatal. It is very important to ensure the dog is kept quite for 30 to 45 days. Try this with a high energy dog living in a pack.

Forty-five days even though it seems like forever to the waiting family finally arrives, Dakota is on her way to her forever family. We meet half way between Holland Michigan and Marietta, Ohio. Catch the name of her new home town? It is the same as where this loving Chow story started from, when she was spotted by Lisa “lettergirl”.

It has been a week now that Dakota now “Fiona” has left us at TLC Chow Rescue. Just as in the past and I am sure in the future there were tears shed as she went to her new home. But they are tears of joy knowing Fiona is in a great forever- home. We get emails letting us know how she is doing. On last report we heard - "keep a chow quite for 45 days and just as soon as they can they get the “Zoomies”. That is Chow talk for running all around the house and having fun!" Bless the family that is now caring for Fiona in her Forever-home. BTW Fiona has 2000 plus aunts and uncles from, they followed this story from begining to its happy ending.

Larry Terrina and everyone who helped save this Chow!