Cinnamon "MiniMe" and more

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Cinnamon "MiniMe" and more

Post by Terrina Harris » Tue May 08, 2007 8:54 am

The road to Mini Me's rescue was heartbreaking in the beginning but lead me to the Animal Control where she was brought in as a stray. That road has also lead with 3 others being given new forever homes with us and the ones that have found new homes that we have fostered.

In a years time we lost 2 people loved ones, 3 senior kitties and our 12 year old Chow/Lab Shyanne. It was after Shyanne's passing that we volunteered at an Adopt-A-Thon in May. Having decided that we wanted another dog, but we were going to wait until the end of July to start looking. We spotted this Australian Shepherd/Chow (Tobias) brought there by Lanie who has Wild Dog Rescue. Yep, he picked us. Then we took him to visit Lanie's store at the end of July and she was hosting an Adopt-A-Thon. We spotted Freddy a Rott Mix. He had been adopted out, but then returned because he was supposed to have separation anxieties. Freddy and Tobias hit it off right away and he came home with us.(guess we should stay away from those adopt-a-thons)

That brought us to the decision that we wanted to be foster parents for Wild Dog Rescue. We fenced in part of our yard and started to foster. So because we were able to foster for Lanie, it helped her not having to kennel all that she rescued. So she was able to help more. One of the fosters that we were to have was at an Animal Control. While I was waiting for Lanie to meet me there (we were both picking up a dog) I spotted this scared girl in the back off a pin. When Lanie got there we took her for a walk and let them know that we would be taking her when her stray hold was up. They have horrible hours there. Weekdays only, from 8am to noon. The guy did say I could come back on Saturday when some volunteers walk the dogs to get her picture. When we left Saturday my husband and I knew that she wasn't going into the rescue, she would be ours. She has had a long journey from then to now. Many doctors visits. Many nights of lying on the floor with her to help her relax. Many days when I was afraid she wasn't going to make it. But she has and she has fought hard.

Our other boy that has found his way into our home and hearts forever is Riley our Lab/Shar Pei. He was to be our foster. We were suppose to foster another dog but he was not cat friendly. So since Riley was into the rescue we brought him here. It soon became apparent I couldn't let my husband give him up. So we have our pack plus our new little chow Rao Shu which is our limit, but we will keep fostering and help finding more forever homes.
Thank you sweetpea!!

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