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Mindy finds a new home

Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2012 8:14 am
by mswhitney
This weekend, two years after we lost our "Baby", we brought home a new rescue. This little girl is named "Mindy". She's a 4yo Chow mix that has had her life drastically uprooted and turned upside down in a matter of a few months.

She and 3 litter mates were left in a box at Adopt-A-Pet in Shelton WA in December 2007. Mindy & her sister looked like typical little chow baby furballs, while her brothers both ended up looking more like Am. Staffs. She was adopted by a lady and her husband and lived with them and eventually 5 other dogs. Mindy was her human mom's favorite and shadow, following her around the house sleeping with her and being a general pal.

Her human mom died from a heart attack suddenly in March this year, leaving the family in turmoil. The husband worked and the wife had been a stay at home gal, so was in charge of her pack. Without her around, the pack began fighting for dominance and poor little Mindy was attacked and injured by the bossy Pitt female. The husband surrendered Mindy and three other dogs to Adopt-A-Pet in order to get things under control and get Mindy the care she needed.

Needless to say, she's all healed physically, but emotionally is a bit stressed and not to effusive. We made an appointment to meet her yesterday, and within 5 minutes, she decided that we were ok and worth getting some cuddles from. We took a quick walk, and she did very well. Excellent leash manners and very cooperative, even if we were strangers.

We adopted her, took her to get a quick bath at the local do it yourself dog washing place, a quick potty walk at the new digs and then upstairs to her new forever home. She spent a little bit of time sleeping in a dark corner of the hallway, until we put the leash on her and showed her that if she wanted to "hide" in a safe place, the crate we got just for her was a better choice. She agreed and has spent much of her time in there, with the door open and a leash on, so that we can guide her out for walks or to come get water & food. It took us until the last potty walk around 10:30pm before she finally drank water. No food has been eaten yet, but I'm sure at some point she will decide she's hungry enough for that.

Today, after out potty walk of the am and some time on our beach getting scratches, she came to the hubz & I for some cuddles, a few licks and then she went back for another nap in her new crate/kennel. It will be all about naps & potty walks for her today and maybe a quick drive to visit my boss to get her some better food and a visit with her dogs to see if there are any other behavioral issues that my show up. My boss is a dog trainer and runs a doggie daycare as well, so her dogs are used to being good welcome ambassadors and bait dogs to help out other dogs get over issues.

WE are thrilled and enthused about this little diamond of a Chow mix girl. Her coat needs to grow back so we can see what she really looks like. She has shown how much love and sweetness she has inside her, it's just going to take a little time for her to realize that it's okay. Until then, lots of love and walks are in order.
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Re: Mindy finds a new home

Posted: Sat Jun 23, 2012 11:13 am
by Trooper
Nice warm story - thanks for sharing - you are good people to reach out :)

Re: Mindy finds a new home

Posted: Fri Sep 11, 2015 1:08 pm
by LadyLand
Oh, this is very warm and touching story. Thank you very much for sharing.

Re: Mindy finds a new home

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 12:28 am
by perriejinnie
Thank you for bringing home a homeless Chow Chow and taking care of it like your own child. This world needs people like you. Animal abusers should be punished and animals rescuers should be rewarded.