Lady and Foxy

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Lady and Foxy

Post by cjkelly1 » Thu Sep 01, 2011 5:17 am

Two chow Chow rescued thru this site.

We are very blessed as we were able to fine Lady, a lovely little black female Chow Chow adoption/ rescue from w/in a 300 mile round trip drive from our home. This is especially good for lady as she is acclimated to the Florida weather, therefor one less challenge for her to overcome. Lady's former family used the Chow Chow .org forum to find us and for that we thank the moderators and all that have helped to make this website available, especially since there is no formal Chow Chow rescue in the state of Florida. Perhaps I can be of assistance in changing that in the future but for now we are doing everything we can to get Lady feeling comfortable in our home. Lady is already asking me to be her alpha and follows me everywhere I go. She has some issue to overcome but then don't we all. I am very grateful to all of you who have reached out to us from near and far.
Sue and I will be working with lady 24/7 and she is responding well

Then we found Foxy (Firefox) a gentle little red female Chow Chow thru this same site from a couple in Savannah GA. We jumped in to help board her on a temporary basis while looking for the perfect adoptable parent(s). Well as many of you know from experience, we fell in love with Foxy and she is now a permanent member of our pack.

Some history: back in March 2011 we lost Nikki our black female Chow Chow to cancer. We were heartbroken, and searched for a new dog. We contemplated purchasing a puppy or rescuing an adult. We decided to rescue to give an adult with a bleak future a chance for happiness. This site was extremely helpful in bringing together the opportunities necessary to facilitate the transition for not one (Lady) but two (Foxy) separate transfers of ownership. Along the way we found Jack an adolescent male doberman. So as the labor day weekend approaches, we are all learning to live together as one pack, isn't life grand.

Thank you Chow

On behalf of Lady, Foxy, and Jack, I wanted to say thank you to the moderators and all involved.

Gotta go, time to walk the dogs, where is Lady's leash, wait ... wait .. okay let's go, heal Jack.

Thank you
Charlie & Sue Kelly

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