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Dry shampoo for Chow?

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2015 2:27 pm
by dewittg
A shelter I volunteer for has a chow that was previously kept in a backyard with another chow and received very little attention. He's warmed up quite a bit since being worked with by shelter staff and volunteers but he won't tolerate being bathed. Long term, we'll want to desensitize him to that but are considering using a dry shampoo (corn starch and baking soda mix) on him. I'm a bit concerned though that since his coat is so dense, we may not be able to brush the powder out. Has anybody used a dry shampoo with a chow and how'd it work out?


p.s. the shelter the chow is in is the Williamson County shelter near Georgetown which is just north of Austin, TX. if anybody might be interested in adopting him.