Could this be bloat??

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Could this be bloat??

Post by Guest » Tue Nov 01, 2005 9:20 am

Yesterday, I was at my friends house making Chingys costume and he was running around playing, but he was never off of his leash. He was behind me and he started eating Cheyannes food(the pom) She is one the same food as he is but he wolfed it down like crazy. As well as any treat he could find. Anyway, a while later when I was trying his costume on him, there was this huge lump just below his ribs on the left side. It was about the size of a large baseball and very hard. I was freaking out but he seemed to be okay. I called the vet and I am bringing him in with me tomorrow to another appointment that I have for the cat. Well, today it is gone but I am still worried. He always eats like a starving little dog but he is not, he gets fed 1/2 a cup of dry dog food(Natural Balance) and a half a container of Ceaser puppy food(wet) mixed together with his medicine(for coccidia), He gets that twice a day. But he still acts like he cannot get enough. He is gaining weight and he seems healthy otherwise. I have about 3 more days of medicine to give him and then he will be on dry food only. I will then be hand feeding him every piece(something I read with the Nothing in Life is Free technique)
So, does this sound like it was bloat to you? Also, how do I get him to chill out for the next few days until his medicine is gone?
Thanks for any help!

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Post by Zhuyos mom » Tue Nov 01, 2005 1:13 pm

No. Bloat will kill in 20 minutes. What Chingy seemed to have is a full stomach. However, you should be mindful of Chingy's actions after a meal, especially after he drinks. The weight of the liquid in the stomach gives momentum for the stomach to flip over, that includes drink + food, and stay flipped over. So it's important to try to not let Chingy play directly after a meal. Both Zhu and Pooh Bear love to do the "chow run" after eatting. After Zhu's surgeries for Bloat, he actually stopped doing the "chow run". It must be some instinctual thing. But Pooh Bear still does that right when she comes in from spending a bundle after her meal. I have had to create a playful stance of sorts for her to stop, settle down and forget about playing. I also soak their food so I have control on how much water will be in their stomachs after a meal and know that their kibble is well on it's way to being digestable.

Hope this is info is useful.


Post by Guest » Tue Nov 01, 2005 1:38 pm

I have never felt such an obvious "ball" before in his stomach though and it was off to the side. He didn't even eat as much as he normally does. I have heard of GVD? Is that right? Where the stomach turns but he is not acting like that and he is doing okay now. I will make sure not to let him run after he eats. Thanks!!!

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Post by Debbie » Wed Nov 02, 2005 9:31 pm

I agree with Lou that it is not bloat or stomach twisting as it is not just in one place on the dog when bloat is occurring. It is the entire middle of the body that becomes hard and swollen and your Chow would be yelping in pain. My Bear had bloat and had to be rushed to the vet for emergency surgery within an hour otherwise he would have died. After the surgery he lived another 4 great years :D :D :D :D !
It is a very obvious pain trouble where the chow cannot even sit or stand or get comfortable at all and going to the vet immediately is the only option.

Soooooooo, don't worry that it is bloat and good luck at the vet tomorrow. Keep us posted!

Debbie and Bones


Post by Guest » Wed Nov 02, 2005 10:27 pm

Chingy is fine and the vet said to just to hand feed him and give his medicine in small portions throughout the day in a teaspoon of wet food. So, I am going to be alot more cautious of his food. Is bloat common in chows? What causes it and is there anything I can do to prevent it?

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carolyn dewrance
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Post by carolyn dewrance » Wed Nov 02, 2005 10:48 pm

If you go into my book on page 5/6 general discussions you will find quite a bit on Blout, this problem is very dominent in the Chow, I have lost 6 chows over the years to it, and you will find that it is heridetary,(ex spell) I am at work so rushing this before I get caught out, If any of the parents of you puppy have suffered from Blout or died from it then it is very advisable to keep a close watch on him as he gets older this usually only affects chows over the age of 2 years, and those that have very heavy chests, I have found in the smaller more long face chows that this does not happen, I really beleive that the chow is bein breed out of proportion just for the show ring and prize money, but the largness of the Chow and big head and bone with a very square body, does lead to big problems and Blout is the biggest and the most deadly.
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Post by Guest » Thu Nov 03, 2005 8:33 am

Okay, Chingy doesn't have any Bloat in his family history, at least not on his moms side, the breeder has the dad but he is not sure of the bloat history on his side. He said he will try to find out but he is not sure he will be able to. Thanks for all your help!

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