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Diarrhoea! Loose stool ! Need help

Posted: Fri Oct 30, 2020 8:57 am
by Hashchow
I am extremely worried right now . My kid is just 40 days today , i became father just 5 days back . Since last 2 days all of a sudden he started pooping watery stool which got me worried, i took him to vet where doctor measured 102.8 degree C fever so after that doctor gave him an injection and a oral syrup medicine OFLOXACIN AND METRONIDAZOLE , i gave him 2ml of the medicine after which the next day he pooped well in the morning but then again that after he pooped loose watery after which i ran to vet and he put him on drip and gave him many meds( attaching the meds prescription) . Doctor also asked me stop giving him Dog feed ( royal cannin ) altogether and just give him Baby food (nestle cerelac) , after this my kid was all the fine whole day playing, jumping and pooping solid and now suddenly in the evening again he pooped water which has made me worried sick ! Can anyone help me what should i do ? I am loosing my mind .