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Ear Problems. I have rescued &Owned various different breeds. But this is the Husbands and my first Chow.

Posted: Sat Aug 08, 2020 6:00 am
by thunder306
We have 4 dogs. 2 of them being rescues &The Chow was 1 of the rescued dogs we own. The Chow is 9 months old. He is mixed with a Newfoundland Lab & a Black Lab. But he shows more Chow features &is more Chow dominant. When we first rescued him from the shelter he was only 9 weeks. By 4months we had to take him to the vet. Both of his ear lobes bottom tips of his ears were extremely swollen &seemed like they caused him no pain. We took him to the vet &the vet said it is common is Chow breeds to have drop ears? I didn't know anything about it but We read up on it. The vet said it causes him no pain and usually the fluid will release by itself. Which it did &never came back since. His ears and more like a lab. They lay flat & They do not stand like a Chows ears. So now it is roughly 4months later and right in behind both of his ears are 2 balls roughly the size of pinballs. They dont seem to cause him any pain but not sure if Thunder would eve let me no he was in pain where he is so stubborn. I cant have kids the 4 dogs me and my husband have are our kids .. our babbies♡♡ ... I have been layed off due to covid &just finished moving. He does have a vet appointment but it is not untill 2 weeks time. I guess I'm just wondering if you believe this is common in Chow breeds &Also your opinion if he will be okay for 2 weeks. Thank you very much! ♡♡