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Posted: Fri Aug 07, 2020 8:35 am
by parkj290
Pica is our 7 year old red female.

Pica always had a weak stomach. To give you a little history on her….My boyfriend got her 7 years ago with his partner at the time. Pica came with an eye infection, UTI, entropion, worms, and…a weak stomach! Pica’s also only about 50 lbs, and was the last pick out of the litter. all things considered, we are pretty certain that she was the runt. From joining this form, I’ve learned there are multiple other health concern cases from the same breeder (Linda, form Cherub Chows). They separated 6 months after, and had a messy custody, which I think lead to her missing out on some key care she needed to combat some of her conditions like UTI, entropion, and even getting spayed pretty late… They were sharing custody across different states so Pica’s never had a committed vet that cared for her from puppyhood, and visits were made based on Pica’s location and the availability of the vets nearby.

It was about 4 years ago that I met Pica, and she frequent the vet to treat recurring UTIs, bad entropion/eye infection, and a weak those symptoms she came as a puppy, still stayed with her. She would vomit about once or twice a month. The chronic UTIs developed into urinary crystals, which she’s been prescribed with Purina Pro Plan Urinary SO from our (finally) committed vet. She got surgery for her eyes, one of the worst cases of entropion the vets ever seen.

About six months ago, I started to notice the vomiting was slowly getting more and more frequent, and since a month ago, she started throwing up daily. I called the vet for an appt, and took her to pet ER for the meantime. At the ER, they examined her and did blood work. They all came out normal. They recommended that we do a ultrasound. The ultrasound showed nothing pressing, but her stomach wall seemed thicker, but they said its hard to tell if it’s just thicker, or swollen. A biopsy was recommended, but no emergency TREATMENT was available for her case. We decided to wait for the vet appointment approaching soon to get a second opinion from someone who knows Pica better. In the meantime, the ER changed Pica’s food prescription to Royal Canine SO Hydrolyzed Protein to see if that helps her, a dewormer and anti- nausea medicine. Even with all that, she started vomiting multiple times a day, so we decided to put her off kibble entirely until her stomach settles down, and fed her boiled chicken and rice. It actually seems to help for about a week. and after that, the vomiting came back.

Earlier this week, we had the vet appointment. They conducted the same lists of usual tests. bloodwork and stool/urine came out all normal. While we were there, she got her vaccines updated and also got the Lyme shot. They couldn’t really figure out what was going on with her either, so an acid reducer was prescribed to help her while we make the decision on the biopsy. This morning, we woke up to 5 different vomit stains on our floor. She’s now refusing to eat. At this point, we’ve requested to schedule the biopsy ASAP.

My boyfriend and I are committed to doing anything we can to help her. We have steady jobs and Pica is insured, so there’s some relief in bills there as well. Our main concern, is that while we are working with the vet to figure out what is going on, she’s consistently getting WORSE. And now, with her refusing to eat, I don’t know what I can do.. She drinks very little water, and is uninterested in the boiled chicken and rice (this is her favorite). What can I do to help her eat and sustain herself until the biopsy? Does anyone have any suspects on what this could be? Any recommendations/comments would be a huge help..