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Puppy eye problems

Posted: Fri May 01, 2020 6:41 am
by Fuzzlies
I'm sure something similar has been asked before so please excuse any duplication if so!

My chow puppy Aura is nearly 5 months old. When we got her at 3 months from her first family (sadly we're her 2nd home after the breeders) both her eyes were fairly runny. We used saline wash and a cream for conjunctivitis (given to us by a vet for our cat 2 months prior, but suitable for dogs) and one eye improved, however one is still seeping and it seems she cant open it fully.
The vet said it doesnt appear to be a problem with her eyelashes, and with the COVID lockdown they won't see her as shes not an emergency, has anyone had something similar? Would appreciate any tips or advice on what we could do to help her!