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Bilateral CCL tears

Posted: Fri May 17, 2019 7:54 am
by Whiskeys Mom
My boy was diagnosed with bilateral CCL tears at 9 months. (I have no idea how it happened and every vet had a different opinion). We ended up doing an ECLS (extra capsular lateral suture) repair on the full tear and followed with 6 months of restrictions, including strict crate rest for the first month with short lead and back leg support potty breaks. It advanced slowly to walking from half down the block to 20-30 minutes walks always on a short controlled lead over the next 4 months. Even in the house he was ex-penned during the day and crated at night, no stairs (we carried him up and down) and no off leash. At 6 months he was allowed a longer leash and in the back yard by himself, at 8 months unrestricted. The hope was with all the restrictions the partial tear would heal as the surgery healed. He is now gimping again... which leg depends on the day.

I choose the ECLS on both breeders advice and because his growth plates were still active. I'm thinking I need to redo that leg and maybe do the other. He is still puppyish. Will bounce straight up and down when he gets excited and loves to play and run. I don't want to keep him from being his exuberant self. But I worry about the TPLO surgery in a dog with a straight leg. Has anyone else done the surgery? Can you share your experiences?