Jimmy got attacked by a skunk

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Jimmy got attacked by a skunk

Postby Jessica Heather » Fri Feb 23, 2018 2:51 am

"Last day my dog- Jimmy had raccoon attack. Jimmy was playing with me in the yard and I had a phone call and I got into the house. I heard Jimmy crying, I ran to the yard and I saw a raccoon attacking him. It suddenly ran away after attacking my Jimmy.
Even though raccoons will simply run away from large animals, there is a chance to attack dogs and sometimes cats. I want to clear these stupid raccoons from my area. I heard of skunk removal services in Richmond Hill. Is this service helpful for preventing raccoon attack? Raccoons are clever animals and they seem to be mischievous. Raccoons usually construct their home in trees and rock hollows. There are a lot of raccoons nearby our area. They can also be the source of some dangerous diseases. Can anyone suggest me some services to remove raccoons from my locality? I am not even aware of there cost.
I came to know leaving behind food outdoors is a sure way to welcome local raccoons. This might be the reason why Jimmy had a raccoon attack"

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