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Advice - cherry eye surgery failed twice

Posted: Wed Apr 05, 2017 6:17 am
by Sc123
My 5 month old puppy has cherry eye in both eyes.
Weeks ago he had surgery with the pocket technique and another method they mixed with,
It failed and the stitches popped, and so had surgery again this week anchoring it towards the bone,
I think it has failed as it's gone from just swollen to red again,
We went to the vet and they said they will wait to see if it goes in as the cherry eye is still fixed inside the lid
But there is pressure from the muscle pushing it all up, (like last time) and I can see the gland pushing
I'm not sure what to do next as I don't want him having drops every day for the rest of his life with dry eye but the surgeries just don't seem to be improving especially going under anaesthetic each time and stressing him out :(