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panting after eating - need help

Posted: Tue Jun 07, 2016 8:37 am
by yogesh
Hello Everyone,

Snowbiee is just 4 months old, we feed him Royal Canin Maxi Major food soaked in water, but whenever he eats it, he gets gas problems.( We feed him 3 times. ) He pants a lot, and even while he is lying on his stomach, he keeps panting and inhaling less from nose.
Can anyone suggest what could be the reason? Is that the dog food that I am feeding him is the root cause.

I imported him from Hungary, I am staying in Bangalore. We keep him in AC so he dont get heat. On the day one, we took him for checkup, and Veteran found him suffering from Pnemonia, from today we stopped giving him medicines since his course for same was completed yesterday, during all those days we didnt find him panting a lot and his breathe were normal (inhale from nose max. time), but from today he is back panting a lot. We could see his stomach getting bigger in size, though as prescribed we gave him 3ml of Digestion liquid (Dgyton). Even after the digestion helper medicine he is still panting, even while resting. And his stomach is bigger in size.

Any leads/help would be helpful.

Re: panting after eating - need help

Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 5:52 am
by Chowmom56
Obviously the food your feeding him is not good give him a stomach ache stop asap. Chows pant heavy when in pain! Give him a little coconut oil in paste form will take his stomach pain away before you kill him.