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6 week old chow chow puppy not gaining as much weight as his litter mates

Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2016 4:15 am
by jaybell
Help needed.

We have 7, 6 week old, chow chow puppies. I have one that is a particular worry. He is gaining weight but very slowly. His litter mates are as follows:

Dark red girl 3.768 kg
Light red girl 3.821 kg
red girl (medium) 3.725 kg
Cinnamon Girl 3.916 kg
Grey boy 4.125 kg
Red boy 3.906 kg

and then we have the little boy 3.061 kg

As you can see he is nearly 1 kg lighter than the others.

They are all still nursing from their mom 4 times a day and I am also offering hydrated dried food 4 times a day.

He seems to eat as much as the others but still does not gain weight.

They have all been wormed and had their first vaccinations yesterday. The vet can not find anything wrong with him.

He is playful and seems healthy.

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A friend of our has suggested taking him off kibble and giving him chicken and rice, but i am not sure if this will be healthy for him.

Any advise