Getting on a bit!

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Getting on a bit!

Postby bchow » Sun Jan 31, 2016 2:14 pm

Taking Shadow to the vet this morning for his annual booster and check up, the vet is warning us that Shadow could be approaching his final years, he is only 10! (but we did read somewhere that Chows may not live to a 'ripe old doggy age' ?) He is going deaf, he is restless and follows us around more now, he is becoming a bit stiff, especially after laying down for a while, he does still enjoy his walks though we tend to take him on shorter walks now.
The vet said shadow should start to feel a bit better once the weather warms up, but come next winter they will think about some medication (metacam) for his Arthritis ...... just wondering if any one here has gone through the same situation, so that we can be prepared so we know what to expect,
sad times ahead.... :(
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Re: Getting on a bit!

Postby Laura » Mon Feb 01, 2016 1:01 pm

It's tough when they get older. My kody lived to be 14.5 and it was a recurring oral cancer that finally made the decision. He was mostly deaf, his eye sight wasn't what it once was, and he was arthritic. We did things to make life easier for him in those final few years. We took steps out of his life by building a ramp off the deck. ( steps are just too difficult with the arthritis and he also tore an acl around 12) We put down rugs to help him on slippery surfaces. Walks became shorter and shorter. He was also on deramaxx and joint supplements. My philosophy is just to spoil them and keep them comfortable for as long as you can. I will tell you to do some research before choosing a pain medication. There are several options and combinations to try. All come with potential side effects and vets will usually do 6 month to yearly lab work to keep an eye on liver/kidney function. My Chloe has hip dysplasia and was put on metacam. Then she tore her ACL and we chose to have an orthopedic specialist do her surgery. He told me to never give a dog metacam due to GI issues/ stomach bleeds. It is a human med and there is something about how it is made and incorrect dosing. He was very adamant so I chose to go with his advice. Chloe takes rimadyl and Tramadol. Sad times are ahead but hopefully that is years away for you. Just love him, spoil him, make life as easy as possible for him, and keep him comfortable.
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