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How diffucult is to find a healthy and future healthy puppy?

Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2015 12:22 am
by invader7
Hello, im in search of buying a puppy, dont know the breed yet but i collect information!

Is the chows diffucult breed with health issues?
What should i take care before buying a puppy?

Pet store or breeder?

Finally if i buy a healthy and future healthy dog, is there any chance for a common health problem to come or im done with health problems?


Re: How diffucult is to find a healthy and future healthy pu

Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2015 10:22 pm
by Pinoy51
please look at the health forum, you will find your answers there related to health and health problems of Chows.
also what to consider before buying a puppy you will find lots of information going through the information available here and on other web pages. Lots of books have been written about buying a puppy, there are good videos on Youtube.
There is no guarantee for unlimited good health when you buy a puppy. But if you look for responsible breeders your chances of getting and keeping a healthy dog are much bigger. And health is not the only thing to consider when getting a dog. I adopted a very unhealthy Chow girl, and she is the sweetest dog you can imagine.
It is a small price for me to give her some extra care related to her health condition.

Re: How diffucult is to find a healthy and future healthy pu

Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2015 3:03 pm
by invader7
Thanks ! A lot of people said to me , dont take a chow , it has a loooooot of chances to have this health problem other the other or the other, etc.

From eyes to whatever , it seems that a lot of people think that chow have some inheritance health issues that can come up to puppies, thats why i ask , i dont want to buy a puppy and find out 2-6-20 months later that she/he has a inheritance health issue that came up


Re: How diffucult is to find a healthy and future healthy pu

Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2015 7:24 pm
by Rory's Dad
You should focus more on the quality of the breeder. Look for those that have websites with good reviews or those that have Show dogs on the lineage. It's not a guarantee, but does exhibit confidence in the breeding stock and general good health in the sire and damn. Look for breeders that have done OFA testing.

Just for an example, my almost 4 year old Chow male is an AKC CH, working for his GCH. He is currently the #32 ranked Chow in the US this year. That is great for us, but as a prospective buyer of his offspring, all that means is we show him yes, he is a great dog, with good manners, but he also wins frequently too. So, we have also had his eyes, hips, and knee joint tests submitted for evaluation. His OFA scores are off the charts (favorable). He has no issues in any of these areas genetically or otherwise.

To continue that example, I also have a 2 year old female Chow. She ripped it up as a puppy on the show circuit. Cute as heck, and with a lot of personality. At some point though she decided the show stuff wasn't for her. She didn't like the constant grooming, and acted out a bit. At home, she tends to be a bit needy, always wanting to be in whatever room she isn't, if you get that. One day several months ago, she had an episode of seizures. No explanation on what caused them and they were happened again.

So, as a responsible dog owner, I am looking for a potential breeding pair to my male. He has a great temperament, nice head, good rear, and a misaligned tooth. I would look to match the positive with him with a lady that has a really strong bite to offset any shortfall he has. He is on the lighter side for Chows, so I wouldn't want to see him with a small girl.

Given my concern with the female, I will not breed her. Wasn't thrilled with her personality quirks before the seizures, but since I have no definitive proof that those weren't genetic, and may have been the result of something as simple as her ingesting a low-cal mint, gum, or a bit of chocolate, I can't even consider putting that risk into a new generation of dogs.

Strange things can happen, but if you deal with responsible breeders, then you will likely get a dog that is healthy and will grow up to be the same. There is a trend these days with Chows to breed them toward heavy, short muzzled dogs. These types can have breathing issues and be short lived, but otherwise I wouldn't put Chows behind any other breed because of inherent medical risks.

Re: How diffucult is to find a healthy and future healthy pu

Posted: Sun Jul 12, 2015 11:03 am
by invader7
Thanks for the great reply !

Wow you must be very proud about your chow ! #32 is very impressive !

Rory's Dad wrote:He has no issues in any of these areas genetically or otherwise.

This is my point ! Thats why asked i wanted to know if it is favorable for a puppy of this breed to have issues genetically but you answered to me about the good breeders.

I wanted to know if a genetically healthy chow in comparison with a genetically healthy labrador for example (or other breed), are likely to have the same chances for a health issue in their adult life or not.


Re: How diffucult is to find a healthy and future healthy pu

Posted: Mon Jul 13, 2015 6:34 pm
by Rory's Dad
I have had only Chows for the past 20 something years, so that is where my knowledge is. I haven't spent a ton of time researching other breeds, simple because I have no interest in owning them.

I do have casual knowledge of some other breeds, but it's really only what I have come across. GSD's have a tendency toward hip problems. Pugs lean toward eye issues. Peke's can have breathing issues.

I know I ran across a tv show a while back on Animal Planet that highlighted a lot of different breeds and discussed the issues associated with potential health issues, trainability, etc. They also rated the breeds on suitability to different living environments (condo life, city dwelling, exercise needs). Might be a good resource for you.