Looking for a New Vet--What to Consider

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Looking for a New Vet--What to Consider

Postby CocoLeBear » Sun Dec 29, 2013 6:35 pm

I've been taking Coco to the vet up the street for about a year. They are nice and reasonable, but I haven't been thrilled with their service. They are more of a low cost clinic, and while it is great they are within waking distance, i always leave feeling like I've paid an office visit fee but have left with no real answers.

Growing up, we had very healthy dogs that just needed routine vetting. With Coco being an inner city pound dog, there are a few lingering issues that I just want to get to the bottom of so I know that I am taking care of her effectively, etc. I'm looking for a common sense vet that isn't looking to run up the bill, but is willing to discuss the potential risks, of say, a lump or bump, and give me a reasonable plan. Like, it could be x, y, z, with z being the most serious. Lets run A test, which is fairly routine and inexpensive so we could rule out X and Y--that sort of thing.

Any ideas on how to "intervirw" vets (ask questions on the phone)?

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Re: Looking for a New Vet--What to Consider

Postby Goose » Wed Jan 15, 2014 3:02 am

Hi Coco!

It's never easy is it.

Personally I was advised that a number of vets (perhaps less reputable ones) see Chows as dollar signs.

We took our girl to the local vet out of convenience as they are a few minutes walk away for a free puppy health check. Before I took her in I spoke to the Vet and just said please make this a fun experience as this is her first visit and I want some good vibes here! Sadly she was an utter cow and within 1 minute I walked out. The vet was horrible. Harsh with the dog, picked her up by the scruff. Immediately started saying we should do this and that and start on a course of flea treatment and oh we should do this and the other.

Luckily one dog walker I met offered me an alternative which is only a 15 minute walk away and the rest is history!!

I think the golden question is ( and remember I am in London, UK and Chows are not very common) is too ask them what experience they have of Chows.



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Re: Looking for a New Vet--What to Consider

Postby Constantina » Wed Jan 29, 2014 12:31 am

The moment I decided I was going to get a Chow Puppy, I called all my dog lover friends. Meaning friends whose dogs slept in their room and they cared for themselves without the aid of a nanny. They all recommended this one place called V.I.P. Those friends who just owned dogs because it was given to them just told me they went to the vet nearest their house or a chain of clinics. Trust me, I felt the difference in service and know how in the dog lover's clinic recommendation.
I tried those other clinics because they were: 1. close to the house (Wow major money maker-- )Vets would perform different tests without telling you and slap you with a bill three times the price of what you came for. Extra vaccines, titer tests, stool samples, skin scarpings (when all I wanted was a rabies and core vaccines., 2. Chain of clinics and more reasonably priced- was not able to diagnose my puppies Demodex Mange and plied him with tons of antibiotics which resulted in yeast infection and sepsis. Chestnut lost half her fur and was studded with puss when I cried and begged my hubby to take him to the dog lover's vet clinic which was the farthest from us. Sure enough it was Demodex.

Moral of the story: Ask friends who are hands on regarding their dogs care to recommend a vet as it is most likely the best place. Research the internet for any negative reviews of clinics you are considering.

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