Post surgery help??

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Post surgery help??

Postby Roxy-Bear » Mon Dec 17, 2012 10:07 am

Roxy was rushed to the vets last Tuesday as I noticed something leaking onto her hind legs. She was diagnosed with pyometra and immediately put on a antibiotic drip before being operated on the next day. She was bright & alert so other than the leaking pus she seemed fine.
The day of the surgery I was told the operation went well & we could pick up that evening but when we got the the vet was concerned about a little bleeding from the wound. The following day the bleeding had stopped but the wound was weeping a pinkish fluid which I was told can be normal but it was effecting the edges of the wound healing up. The next few days this continued so she stayed in the vets until Saturday afternoon. The vets ran blood tests twice daily & did 2 ultra sounds to ensure nothing untoward was going on internally and everything has come back normal.
She's now home as she wasn't eating at the vets so I'm keeping a close eye on her & changing the pads every few hours but the wound is still leaking. Today the vets checked the wound and it is healing to try & help encourage healing in the section where it's leaking he put in some skin staples. She's slowing getting her appetite back & she's bright & alert but the wound is still leaking.
The vets & nurses have been really good and we are going back each day for check ups. Has anyone else had a similar experience or can offer some advice??
Many thanks!

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Re: Post surgery help??

Postby Rex343 » Mon Dec 17, 2012 4:20 pm


We have a Chow and an American Bulldog. Our AB blew out her left rear ACL and had surgery. The site seeped for about 2 weeks. Realize that all staples and stiches due is hold the incision closed. The skin has to actually grow together to stop the weeping. As long as the discharge is clear our pinkish ( has a little blood in it) healing is going fine. Good luck and we hope all turns out well.

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Re: Post surgery help??

Postby noellejones » Thu Dec 27, 2012 11:33 pm

They must need some more attention as they are facing injuries. They might be feeling to cared for, more than just normal medications. Once they are fine , they will definitely start over their routine again.

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