My Chow is Very Sick...Cause Unknown...Help?

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My Chow is Very Sick...Cause Unknown...Help?

Postby chowmia2 » Fri Nov 23, 2012 6:50 pm

Hi all...My boy is 3 years 8 months old. He has been completely healthy his whole life...except for the eaten lizard and subsequent diarrhea ( antibiotics treated that) He got some comfortis last Saturday evening. Some time late Sat night he vomited up his dinner. Sunday morning he very forcefully vomited a couple of times, it was awful. Later that day he vomited again. I did not feed him Sunday night to give his stomach a rest. We thought he was fine Monday and I fed him Monday night, he only ate 1/2 of it...Tuesday morning he vomited up everything again. By tues afternoon he was quite lethargic and depressed. I scheduled a vet appt. for him Weds. morning. On Weds. morning I gave him a small piece of chicken...which he vomited. Now during this time there were no loose BM's at all. The vet pulled blood on him and did a liver panel...all looked very good. They have done a complete blood screen, pancreas, and kidney function. all looked normal, except for elevated WBC indicating an infection or inflamation. He was sent home on Baytril and an antiemetic. Later that day, a liquid stool was just leaking from him as he was laying down resting. Thirty minutes later he was coughing...a very deep congested cough. We took him back in to the vet. She did x-rays of his chest and abdomen. The abd's showed a suspicious mass and the lungs showed a pneumonia. She feels it is an aspiration pneumonia. Flagyl was added for the diarrhea and Baytril was left for the antibiotic. We gave 200 cc's of subcu fluids twice daily weds and thursday. There was only the one time a liquid feces leaked out of him...he is passing a formed stool, much smaller in size and quantity (I'm sure due to no food). Today, a recheck and x-ray showed the abdominal mass has moved thus eliminating much concern over that. However, he is still vomiting, eating only very small amounts, turning away from most foods. Generally unwell and not himself, at all. He is now on Reglan for the nausea instead of the previous antiemetic,Ondansetron. We are now giving him until Monday to see if he rallies. Then he will have an abdominal exploratory surgery..
We are so scared we are losing our boy, and we don't know why. I don't really believe the comfortis is the cause of this? It is perhaps a bit too coincidental that it was given right before this cluster of problems. Any ideas? what could this be???

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