Spinal Cord injuries due to trauma

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Spinal Cord injuries due to trauma

Postby ChowAddictTUR » Wed Oct 31, 2012 2:49 am

Dear friends,
Recently we faced with a bad accident happened to my beloved girl Maya. She fell off from a cliff about 15 meters high and had an injury at her spine. After 8 hours of the accident, she had a surgery and her spine was fixed back. But we don't know the damage happened to her spinal cord, as there was about 40 degrees curve at her spine between the 2 vertebrals. :(
10 days passed after the surgery. Today she was recovered to eat normally, able to hold her pee and make it on purpose, able to poop normally, small reactions at her back feet, able to move her tail a little. We tried to hold her still at the standing position but she is not even trying to press n her back feet yet.
On Friday she will go through MR and we will have a more clear view. Do you have any information about the spinal cord injuries or know a professional that we can reach through e-mail to ask for their opinions ? We will have her MR results on Monday and will be able to e-mail these to anyone else.
Any help you can do will be highly appreciated.

Ozgur Kucuk from Turkey
(Father of beloved Leon & Maya, Founder & Leader of Chow Chow Turkey foundation)

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Re: Spinal Cord injuries due to trauma

Postby reddog » Wed Oct 31, 2012 8:57 am

I really don't have any info or advice to offer in regards to Maya's spinal injury. I just wanted to let you know you and Maya are in my thoughts and prayers.

Please keep us updated on her progress and the results from her MRI

Take care


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Re: Spinal Cord injuries due to trauma

Postby wokman » Wed Oct 31, 2012 12:32 pm

So sorry to here about the terrible accident, your Chow is lucky to still be alive.
My Female Chow last year had spinal surgery for a badly fused spine, it took four months for her to fully regain use of her back legs. I do not know of any facility that would give free advice on an MRI emailed to them. I would think most surgeons would want to have access to the injured animal.
Do you think the surgeons who preformed the operation did not do a good job?

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