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Candace is Due in 2-3 weeks..

Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:22 am
by mayumiyumei27
Candace is due in 2-3 weeks. I am very much thrilled of this but still a bit scared when that time comes. I'm still preparing the things that i need for this. And I have ran over the whelping/breeding article on this site over and over just to make sure everything sinks in right. #-o

Just want to ask how you guys dealt with this situation? Would it really be advisable to bring the dog to the vet? Or have her whelp all by yourself? :?

Someone told me that Chows may get too stressed when brought for delivery to the vet due to crowds and stuff? :(

Would anesthesia bad for them too? :oops:

Anyone had experienced whelping their own dog? I could help some advise and encouragement... :cry:

Re: Candace is Due in 2-3 weeks..

Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2012 3:08 pm
by yatta5000
I have no real reply but I've heard that anesthesia is REALLY bad for chows and should not be done unless really needed.

Re: Candace is Due in 2-3 weeks..

Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2012 3:17 pm
by mayumiyumei27
I think none? Oohh. Looks like I'm on my own on this one.

Re: Candace is Due in 2-3 weeks..

Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2012 3:23 pm
by PCC
No help from me. I've never had the pleasure of having a dog that was about to give birth. I am sure Mother Nature will handle most of it. Good luck!

Re: Candace is Due in 2-3 weeks..

Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2012 5:18 pm
by Rory's Dad
No personal experience, thats why I stick to the males...

I can say this though, even my experienced breeder heads off to the vet. Last time they were a bit slow and our Rory was the 1st the car.

Re: Candace is Due in 2-3 weeks..

Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2012 8:09 am
by Victory
I've never had the pleasure/duty either. But if it were my first time and my girl's as well, I'd go to the vet. Better safe than sorry, is my motto. Does she like her vet? I'd talk to my vet too, see what they say or think. Remember Chows are pure breeds and pure breeds often have problems because humans have had so much influence on their physicality.

Re: Candace is Due in 2-3 weeks..

Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2012 6:54 pm
by Auddymay
If you know the date she was bred, count 63 days. All the bitches I've ever had went exactly 63 days. These were Irish Setters and mutts both. They do not vary by a week unless there are problems. I advise a vet, and bringing her in for a check up before the due date so the vet can check her and you can make arrangements.

Re: Candace is Due in 2-3 weeks..

Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 10:42 pm
by MissV
TIP: The minuite you see METALIC GREEN discharge from your dog, it means the puppies are coming. Rush to the vet!! Rather safe than sorry - esp it being your first litter, you really dont want to lose any pups - or endanger your dogs life.
There shouldnt be any crowds at the vet except for you and the vet.
If you chose to have the puppies at home, make sure you have someone with you who can help you in case something goes wrong. Always expect the worst so that you are at least prepared.

Please post pics of the puppies when they are born!!!! Im such a sucker for baby chowlies! xxxx

Re: Candace is Due in 2-3 weeks..

Posted: Fri Mar 30, 2012 3:09 pm
by mayumiyumei27
Thanks for your posts guys. :oops:

Yea, now I'm convinced I'd probably go for the vet. i'm just gonna need the budget for it. O:)

So far, her behavior with our vet is fine, although one of the problems i see is that when she is put on a top of the vet table or any high surfaces, she has a high tendency of jumping off (yes, she's one tough, brave chow I know). She was also commended by the vet that she was the nicest chow they've ever seen (they say her temparement is good), however, her behaviour seem to have changed from the past few days. She appears cranky to my other dogs (Chow and Pom). She starts growling, biting attempts when they try to get need her food. She actually bit one of my pom (about 3 months or so) on the neck (Like going for the kill or something :shock:) who was lucky that my mom got home and had a chance to stop Candace's Rampage. :oops: That's why I'm starting to fear that she might have the same behavior towards people. But with us at home she's doing fine, I'll just have to hope she does the same with other people... :oops:

Well, thanks for all the support guys. I was able to keep count of her Due. Today is actually her 54th Day. 9 more days to go. I'll make sure to keep you guys posted. If i have the time, I'll post some of her pics here too.. :)

Re: Candace is Due in 2-3 weeks..

Posted: Fri Mar 30, 2012 3:42 pm
by mayumiyumei27
yatta5000 wrote:I have no real reply but I've heard that anesthesia is REALLY bad for chows and should not be done unless really needed.

Yea I think I've heard of that too. Would it be possible that Chow's would still need anesthesia for their delivery? or is it only for C-Sections? :?:

Re: Candace is Due in 2-3 weeks..

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 5:21 am
by Cam Atis
Hi. I used to breed Dals. 63 days from stud date. But allow + or - 2 for her due date. So she could deliver at 61 days. I deliver my pups myself. Dams are normally protective and irritable during birth and after. Normally they will only allow you to touch their pup. I dont wanna risk my dog being put under anesthesia and there's a case her dog died after a simple operation due to anesthesia. Thats Chow we are talking about.
Now I hope you read this on time and I be of help to you. You need to prepare the birthing place. And it has to have privacy. Meaning you cant see inside if you are outside. Provide for her 3feet by 4 feet box where se will whelp. You must prepare it 5 days ahead. Does she have a big cage ? Place it where she sleeps. And provide a curtain. Just a makeshift cardboard box will do. Also an encandescent bulb 25 or 50 watts. ( i thought you said she is due in 3 weeks time) The bulb will provide warmth and for you to see. Dam is more convenient in a cave like set up.
Prepare a few rags as well and betadine solution, a feeding bottle and formula just in case she gave birth to a lot of pups that her teats is not enough. An easily obtainable formula is made of eggwhote and evaporated milk. But if you have access to a milk formula. That is better. I did prepare a cardboard box about 6 inches in height. Placed another cardboard as flooring reinforcement. There will be a lot of liquid but your dam all clean it off also quickly. Upon delivery, you may assist your dam if she doesnt know what to do, you place the newborn pup near her face so she can lick off the placenta. She would tear the umbilical cord but you can help with scissors and dip the umbelical cord in the betadine solution. Leave enough umbelical cord about 1-2 inches. I place the betadine on a plastic soda cap so i can easily dip. The rags are for you to dry the pup if your dam could not lick fast enough and the puppies keep on arriving. But normally there is enough time interval for the next pup. After you dam cleaned the pup, guide it to her teat. Hand the second pup to your dam. She will lick the belly of the pup to encourage the defecation and will lick the faeces. Let her eat the placenta it is important she eat them to provide nutrients for her.
She will keep the kennel area clean and you wont need to replace the cardboard box floor lining every day. Replace it every week. Carefully re locating her. And it has to be a quick one. i do it when the dam has to urinate. She wont be gone for long. Give the food and water in the kennel area. Remove food after she ate to discourage ants.
Also give her food she can all eat as she needs a lot of energy. DO NOT allow onlookers on the first 7 days as the Dam will be very protective.
You just always on the look. You'll hear puppy cries. Normally t is night time or early morning. When I did, I came calling to my Dam in a soothing voice. Walk towards her in slow movement as she is protective. If there are still born pups, you gotta ready a small box and a person outside to help you. Your dam will not allow you to take it in her sight and will attempt to grab the dead pup and place it among her living pups sucking milk. Your dam will not leave the kennel area at all times. Unless she needs to urinate. Cookie will do that when I am there and seems to say, look after them I wont be long. It will be a breeze on the first 2 weeks as cleaning faeces and urine of all pups will be Dam's responsibility. You will know it is your turn to clean once the dam refuses to clean up (meaning you'll see poops lying around)
During the time of whelping, it is important the dam not disturb or agitated. Thats why you need to enclose the area and if possible, imitate something of a cave. Dim lit. So a light bulb is helpful.

Re: Candace is Due in 2-3 weeks..

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 5:37 am
by Cam Atis
Regarding the time of replacing the cardboard lining, you judge yourself, if it needs to be replaced in 3 days time, do so. Delivering the pups yourself will be of enormous benefit to you and your dam's bond. She wont suffer being handled by people she dont feel like.
I was nervous first time but good thing my dam is a good mother. When I heard puppies crying she has already delivered and cleaned 3 pups. She delivered 8 pups in all but two are still birth.
I did reply to you coz i did not read your post. And if you ask me, yor hunch is correct in worrying about letting your dam be handled by other people. Just today. Dogs know instinctively what to do. If your dam will. Ot allow you, then so be it. Let her manage herself.

Now mind you, there are dams who eat their own puppies upon delivery. Hard to believe but they do exist. Think they are nuts. Not good mothers. I havent personally encountered such except one of the farm dog when I was you g, she'd get pregnant but you see her pups. Unlike Kiss who you'll see her pups coming out wherever she whelped when they are strong enough to venture out. KISS will bite anyone who comes near her place. Thats my recollection when I was young.

Re: Candace is Due in 2-3 weeks..

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 6:36 am
by Cam Atis
Re: Farm dog: What i mean was: You never get to see her pups. She just got pregnant then you'll see her strutting around and her belly is not swelled but we dont see any of her pups ever! She is aloof and skittish. Weird dog. So we thought she eats them.
Goodluck to you. Be confident. It is easier for big dogs to deliver than small toy breed.
Be ready also to suck you pup's nose if it is blocked with mucus. Blow air afterwards. You can handle it if you are calm. Most cases with big dogs, they can deliver all by themselves. Esp if they are young (age between 2 to 5 years old) some vets are overly worried it could go wrong. Let the dog's nature take over. If your dam let you assist her, what you can do is feel her stomach for pups (moving lumps) amd you may massage her belly lightly to encourage contraction. let the pups suck milk asap. With the vets, they may inject oxytocin to simulate or make the contraction start. MissV iscorrect that if you see green discharge it is an indication she will give birth in less than 2 hours. Your dam will normally seek a place for that but if you have prepared ahead she will go there. I cover her cage with cardboard. Leaving small areas where she can see if someone is moving or approaching. turn on the lights for a few nights to assis you in seeing how she's doing as well as provide warmth, your dam can see very well in the dark.

Re: Candace is Due in 2-3 weeks..

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 3:47 pm
by mayumiyumei27
Thanks guys for all of the replies! I've actually prepared all the necessary things I need. Me and my boyfriend will be working on her kennel box today.

I have another problem though... :( Yesterday she bit again my 3-4 month old pom. :( (I already separated them, but I fear that would she turn out like this towards her puppies too? Or is she only acting cranky because of her pregnancy? I sure hope her mother instincts kick in right away when she gives birth.

BTW, today is her 56th day of pregnancy. I'll start noting down her temperature tomorrow. but earlier her temp shows 37.8 Degree Celsius... I'm gonna have my converter ready for the Farenheit data... The math is a bit giving me a headache and with her due nearing, I hope everything will turn out alright.. I just hope I'd be there when she gives birth (I'll be at work during night time and won't be able to supervise her! :cry:) Can't file leaves since it's holy week here, my bosses won't let me... So now all I hope is that she gives birth this coming weekend...

I'm still be hoping and praying for her safe delivery...

Re: Candace is Due in 2-3 weeks..

Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 12:29 am
by Cam Atis
She will most likely be quiet in the coming days and doesnt want to be disturbed until she is due and a few weeks after that. The dam will welcome onlookers only when the pups starts walking. about 3 weeks of age. . Perhaps she IS already cranky that's why she bit the pom. Please secure the pom once she gave birth or else, she might really get nasty to the pom.

Please look at her teats, and if the hairs around the nipples hasn't shed yet, you may trim it with scissors. but normally the fur will shed in preparation for the pups. so not much intervention there. You have to encourage her to walk and be active at least 3x a day to help in her pup's delivery. If you are not very skillful in shaving, dont shave. we dont want a broken skin around the nipples that may cause infection.

Give her daily vitamins already and it has to have calcium in it. Give her milk to drink. She will refuse to eat at most 24 hours before birthing time. And will voraciously eat about 6-12 hours after she gave birth and would only drink. I prefer she drink milk instead of water.

Do not bother her too much once she have pups already as she needs a lot of sleep time whenever she could. (since my dam has a cage, I leave the door open for her, and warned everyone else to stay away from the cage and so that they dont risk being bitten.
In your case, if there are only the two of you, just brief your boyfriend about the do's and dont's/
So if you want to pay her a visit, do so to maximum of 3 times (morning, lunch, dinner). You can leave her food a few feet away from the kennel box if you want so she can eat at leisure. Provide also, water at all times. so you have 3 bowls.
I have a habit of giving my dam milk to drink after her delivery. she'd be so tired that she won't even stand up to feed, so I would hold the bowl to her face, and tell her to drink the milk, she would comply after so much soothing and cajoling. But if I lay down the bowl, even in front of her, she won't even drink. That's only right after she whelped. PREPARE WARM WATER: dip a rag in it and scrub your dam's thighs to clean her from the blood and amniotic fluids. Dry her with a rag also.
Next day, she'd be up and about and stronger.

Again, I have to repeat, let her lick and eat the amniotic sac and placenta as it will provide energy. Let's hope she be a good mother. If you've been good to her, I bet she will be.

You also need a surgical glove, 7.5 size. Alcohol for you and for the scissors if you need to cut the umbilical cords. The cords will dry up and drop after 3 days. The dam will constantly lick the belly of the pup. If you see she doesnt do it, you must rub the belly yourself to encourage defecation. Or present the pup to her belly up, she's lick it instinctively, until she get the habit on.

Be aware to let the air in so she won't be very much uncomfortable in the whelping area. In summary, you'd be her caregiver and judge for yourself what else she be needing (water, food, vitamins)

When 3 weeks have passed, you need to start the pups on milk and dogfood. We'll talk about that later. YOu must concentrate on the upcoming whelping.

Re: Candace is Due in 2-3 weeks..

Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 12:37 am
by Cam Atis
converting celsius to fahrenheit if it is 37.5 deg.Celsius . + 40 x 9 divide by 5 minus 40. The answer will be 99.5 Deg. Fahrenheit.
If you want to convert F to C, just multiply by 5 divide by 9 and deduct again the 40 that you've added.
example: 99.5F +40 x 5/9 -40 = 37.5C

Re: Candace is Due in 2-3 weeks..

Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 1:24 pm
by mayumiyumei27
Thanks Cam Atis for all your responses. I really appreciate it!! :) This really helps. I've moved the other dogs and we almost completed her kennel box. The materials needed for the whelping are all set. I just have to warn the people in the house to not get near her when she already have her puppies.

I'm Excited and Anxious at the same time. I hope things work out well in the end...

Re: Candace is Due in 2-3 weeks..

Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 1:59 pm
by mayumiyumei27
Cam Atis wrote:Give her daily vitamins already and it has to have calcium in it. Give her milk to drink. She will refuse to eat at most 24 hours before birthing time. And will voraciously eat about 6-12 hours after she gave birth and would only drink. I prefer she drink milk instead of water.

Any ideas which brand and where can I get the calcium vitamins? I've been giving her Salmon oil (i think that's what it's called).

Thanks for all of your support... :oops:

Re: Candace is Due in 2-3 weeks..

Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 9:13 pm
by Cam Atis
Look at the label of her salmon oil supplement. If it doesnt list calcium in it you must give multivitamins with calcium. Milk has calcium in it. She'll be needing extra calcium until all the pups are weaned. If no doggy vitamins are available you can substitute a children's multivitamins give her 5mL daily.
Get her to stay/sleep in the kennel box you have prepared as early as now. My experience was: my first time dam sniffed at the whelping box i made, walk in circle, then she just flopped in there and stayed. It was instinct. The pups will crawl and dont be surprised if your dam doesnt know how to move them as she is domesticated. Be careful in handling the pups. Sanitation is of utmost importance. You apply alcohol to your hands before and after handling the pups taking care to leave slippers outside of the area.
P.S.: Dont forget to call to her first evrytime you want to visit the pups so you won't startle her. Let's hope she won't be too protective of her puppies. In such a case with a dam all too protective, you must respect her space and let her do her job keeping your distance and give her food and water outside her territory. I havent seen such reaction to my dogs but I did saw such when i was young. With Kiss, she really will bite. But she was a good mother, caring for 9 pups most of the time. She just didnt want any one to see her newborn pups and we me my cousins will be thrilled to see All the puppies once she gets out from where she whelped and all her pups in tow. There she will allow us to play with her pups until she decide it is time for their nap. During that time she is still relatively protective.

Re: Candace is Due in 2-3 weeks..

Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2012 5:52 pm
by mayumiyumei27
Wow your Dog is amazing! I hope Candace would turn out to be a loving mother like her too... Thanks for your support. i checked last night and I can already feel the puppies on her belly... Make me want to cry. I'll keep you guys posted. :)

Re: Candace is Due in 2-3 weeks..

Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2012 1:54 pm
by mayumiyumei27
Hi Guys, Just want to Let you know that Candace Gave birth last Easter Sunday.. \:D/ she gave birth to 5 lovely puppies.

I assisted her all throughout the delivery. :oops:

So far, she's fine having me and my family around her babies, except with my cousins.

I'm really happy and proud of her since she's doing a great job being a mother to her babies. =D=

If I find the time, I'll post pictures here... :wink:

Re: Candace is Due in 2-3 weeks..

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2012 5:13 am
by Cam Atis
;-) good thing all is well. Next you should prepare is the expansion of the area for the pups in the next 2 weeks as once the puppies reached 3weeks they get too busy. At 6weeks they are a handful already.
You have to construct baby gates or an enclosure where your dam can get away if she wants but not the puppies. Introduce milk at 3weeks of age to the puppies to teach them to lick. Later add a handful of puppy food to the warm milk, let it stand for 10minutes before giving it to the puppies. Bu the time your puppies reached 6 weeks you should have already prepared a cage for them. you want them get acquainted. They must be fully weaned at 6weeks but at 8weeks they are released to their new owners. Delaying the weaning time also delays the release time. Optimum time the puppy will bond to a new owner is around that age. 8 weeks.

Re: Candace is Due in 2-3 weeks..

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by Ron00
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