Health topics and issues with Chow Chows.

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Postby Cobaltz » Wed Oct 03, 2018 10:58 am

Hello all!, I'm a first time chow chow owner, my lovely chow chows name is Chomper (from land before time)

We been having this issue for a while now and taken him to the vet 3 times, he wont stop biting himself, itching, scratching, chewing on his feet paws, or base of tail or tail tip...

Here's what we've done

Flea shampoo him
Dawn dish soap baths
Dog safe shampoo
Changed his food (we did extensive online research on food)
Hot spot treatments
Baby powdered his coat
Flea meds
Whatever anti itch stuff the vet gave
Filtered water (one of the groomers thought it may have been the water here causing him to itch so we got jugs of filtered water and tried that)
We diamenenta (however its spelt) earthed the carpet, vacuumed it, baby powdered it, flea powdered it (Including all the cloths/blankets

Nothing is working, I can't afford to keep taking him back to the vets they just tell me fleas, even know we have combed though him thoroughly and seen none...

Please help!

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Re: Itching/Scratching/biting

Postby chiflower » Tue Oct 30, 2018 12:52 pm

hi - Our current Chow girl did the same thing when we got her as a puppy. From day 1 she was so itchy and would chew her tail til it bled and was almost to the bone! We changed her food numerous times and we now have her on Canine Caviar but NOT chicken and NO beef. Even with her treats, we only give her grain free, limited ingredients, and no chicken or beef. It took awhile for her body to adjust but eventually she stopped itching. In the meantime, we gave her Apoquel for about a week to help break the "habit" of itching and biting. Sometimes (maybe it's a seasonal allergy thing?) when she starts to itch again, the vet has us give her 1/2 Zyrtec a day (NOT Zyrtec-D) and it helps immensely. It will only take a couple of days of this to stop the itching. This only happens about once a year. Claritan and Benadryl did not work.
And when I say she is itching, it means she is scratching more than 6-7 times a day. Anything under that I consider regular doggie scratching.
For us, this is what works: Food- Canine Caviar, Lamb, Venison, Duck. I rotate these 3 flavors for her. She didn't like the fish flavor.
Treats - Cloud Star- grain free Pumpkin or cheese cookies. Wellness- grain free lamb & salmon soft bites
Like I said previously, it took a couple of months for the change in food to take effect but now she is happy and not itchy! Good luck to you and your Chow Chow!

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Re: Itching/Scratching/biting

Postby LovelyPeach » Tue Jan 29, 2019 11:43 pm

Nothing is working, I can't afford to keep taking him back to the vets they just tell me fleas, even know we have combed though him thoroughly and seen none...

He can't just tell that he is supposed to give you another meds and instructions. Either way, you may just sue him :| Anyway, you told about shampoos and meds, which ones exactly? Were you using herbal or essential oil shampoos? According to pestcontrolhacks you may try to wash your pet with heavily diluted gum, lavender, tea tree or castor oils with water. Also, you may spread fresh sawdust around your house because it's considered as a nice flea repellent. Hope your dog is fine. Take care.

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Re: Itching/Scratching/biting

Postby jlc009 » Sun Jul 21, 2019 7:06 pm

Have you had a skin prick test done?

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