nutro lamb and rice.or nutro ultra lamb and rice?

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nutro lamb and rice.or nutro ultra lamb and rice?

Postby Shan&Kayla » Mon Apr 11, 2005 8:47 pm

I want to try Nutro, (remember my itchy chow post?) and nutro was recomended by a few people, but I was wondering which one ya'll are using-nutro or nutro ultra? The price difference is a factor for me lol. I want to get her something good, but I can't spend a total fortune on it either, so do you think the nutro would be ok or are you using ultra? I could go for buying the nutro, but the nutro ultra just seemed a TAD expensive :wink: Kayla is doing much better and seems a lot less itchy since I added a blob of peanut butter (a few times a week) to her diet as a treat. And of course she just stares at me like "mommm hellooooooo" if I forget to put a little splash of milk on her food in the evening :lol: I managed to get a gooood brush out on her hind end finally-hehe tricky me with the treats to distract her :wink: so I think with a better food, things will improve even more. Thanks!

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