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Raw Food feeding advice, please!

Posted: Sat Jun 23, 2018 12:25 am
by meyori
As there are a lot of things that I can agree about raw food feeding, I started to feed raw food 1.5 months ago to my 7.5 months old Chow Chow puppy. I started to feed raw food a couple tablespoon per day, increased amount little by little and currently, one-third of his food is raw per day(rest of his food is mainly Orijen Puppy dry food.)

I feed him around 5:00-5: 30 am for raw food(meat, bone, organ) breakfast, morning walk about 2km (and if any leftover breakfast, I feed him after a walk.), 12:00 pm dry food lunch, late afternoon walk about 1km and dry food dinner with vegetable around 6:00-6: 30 pm.

For breakfast, he is not really showing much his interest to eat. Sometimes he eats and throws up everything he ate right after. In fact, this morning, he refused to eat. So I cooked those meats(not bone) very lightly to feed. He ate....then right after, he threw up (2 days in a row).

I ALMOST gave up the idea of raw food feeding, but online people's comments kept me trying till now. BUT if this vomiting does not stop.....I may have to give it up. I was hoping there is someone who feeds raw food to yours can comment and/or make suggestions. Your time to reply to me will be very much appreciated. Thank you.