Help Cereal free diet ?? How much protein ??

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Help Cereal free diet ?? How much protein ??

Post by Linouha » Sat Oct 22, 2016 12:50 pm

Hi everyone ! So my chow Laika's 7 month now she just started her period (proud mama here :D ) and I just have a few questions about her food.
I've been giving her TOTW for about a month now and I noticed she poop a lot more than before and the consistency isn't great (she was on Royal Canin I don't know if you guys have that brand in north america it's basically low protein and it contains cereals), is it because of her new cereal free diet ? Should I pursue with it or switch to an other brand perhaps ?
Is a cereal free diet even recommended for chow ?
So the TOTW have about 29% of protein and I've seen a vet pharmacian who told me about an other Carnilove (same thing as the royal canin I don't know if you are familiar with that brand) which contains more proteins, 38% to be exact, is it too much ? Because I can't find anywhere the right amount for a chow, I take her out for about 1h 1h30 per day depending on her motivation and the rest of the day she sleeps or play so I don't know ? Could you tell me the right amount of protein recommended ?
Okay so I think it's enough :lol: :lol:
Thank you so much for your responses :D
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Re: Help Cereal free diet ?? How much protein ??

Post by Constantina » Sat Feb 04, 2017 11:06 pm

Royal canin and Science Diet never worked for Chestnut. The heavy grain gave her so much yeasty skin problems. He poop was also a lot, too often and too yellow. she was not absorbing anything. Give her crude protein a minimum of 28% and fat about 15-17% maybe. I tried Orijen Puppy Large Breed until she was 18 months old with 38% protein but her poop was too soft like pudding.
After all the rotations and searches the best balance for her was Petcurean's Go sensitivity and Shine in Venison 22% protein and Turkey Recipe 30% protein. They are all potato and grain free. The Go! variants are for adult dogs only though so do not give till she is a minimum of 13 months old.
If she has no bad reaction to Taste of the Wild puppy formula or all life stages please continue giving it to her. I love that it is grain free

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