How to Feed my Puppy Chow?! HELP

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How to Feed my Puppy Chow?! HELP

Post by CoolGal » Fri Jan 01, 2016 10:15 pm

Hello all! I have a new, beautiful and precious addition to my family, a puppy Chow. Her name is Bailey Ann and She's about to turn three months old on the 10th of this month. I've been reading lots about feeding your dog, because I want to give her the best food and the best nutrition possible. I have been freaked out and panicked, because I just read about bloating and GDV and how it can be deadly. I had a small breed dog, a French Papillon, and I didn't have any kinds of problems with him and bloating! Although I had never heard a thing about bloating and GDV in dogs, my sweet French Papillon (my beloved Rocky) always seemed fine and never had any of those horrific symptoms I ears about online.

I'm very concerned, because I want to avoid this at all costs! My French Papillon didn't like dog food at all. He was a picky eater, but he preferred cooked food. So we had him on that type of diet. I was younger when I had him and I didn't give diets and nutrition the relevance that I give them today. Should I be feeding Bailey cooked food instead of dry food?

On this same page, I read about feeding them Solid Gold food, which is a 4 star rated food and mixing it with warm water before feeding it to my pups. So, my first question is, do I have to mix ALL dry food with warm water before giving it to my dog? I don't really want to be giving her canned wet food, because well.. It's in a can! The food I have for her is ANF and I researched this one and it's also a 4 star rated food. I would rather give her a 5star rated, does anyone recommend any 5 star rated food?

I also live in the 4th floor of an apartment and, while I can carry her upstairs now, when she's a full blown adult, I don't think I'll be able to pick her up. Would that be a problem with her? (no elevator!)

If you're to feed fruits and veggies to your dog, what are things that they shouldn't ea (I know that they can't eat garlic, onions, grapes, raisins, or chocolate), but iare theyre any other fruits or veggies that are not allowedt? I read fruits should be given before the dry food, but is there a specific timing?

I know that they should not work out after eating, which seems pretty obvious to me. Should I be so panicked about bloating or would I be just fine if I take the proper precautions?

I need some serious help with the nutritional aspect for my baby girl. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: How to Feed my Puppy Chow?! HELP

Post by Rory's Dad » Sun Jan 03, 2016 5:42 pm

While Bloat is a serious condition, it is also rare. It is more common in Chows, and other dogs with a deep chest cavity, but I still wouldn't spend a whole lot of time worrying about it.

Instead, focus on the warning signs in the event that you do run across the symptoms.

Bloat is caused by an over-ingestion of air while the dog is eating, combined with the amount of space in a Chow (or similarly built dog) that allows the stomach to spin, thus twisting the stomach and cutting off the blood flow. Usually a large intake of water is also needed to induce the issue.

This is easily remedied (pre-issue), by ensuring the dog doesn't "WOLF' down his food. Most Chows don't, as they are fairly controlled eaters. Elevating the food bowls also helps.

Stay away from any fruits that have a skin. Grapes and cranberries are good examples. Dogs can't break down the skin and it becomes toxic. If you want to consider fruit, then a piece of banana as a treat in between meals maybe.

I feed my dogs a modified raw diet with high quality kibble mixed in. Boiled chicken breast or ground turkey. No grain kibble, usually with a bison base. This makes sure they still get tooth exercise and the proteins they need. I stay away from canned foods. Better to just cook them some food. I also give a small amount of dairy for their coats (not too much as it can upset the stomach), cottage cheese or string cheese.

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Re: How to Feed my Puppy Chow?! HELP

Post by Constantina » Tue Jan 12, 2016 7:23 pm

My little girl did not do well on solid gold as she is allergic to a lot of stuff. The dog food i found that was perfect for her is Go! Potato free and grain free turkey recipe. She also does well on Orijen Regional Red. I put toppings on it so she would not get sick of it. Like ground pork, ground beef, turkey, duck, lamb and occasionally chicken with organ meats. Do not worry so much about bloat. I never had a dog that had it. I put a big log of ice on her water bowl so she does not drink too much too fast. I also do not make her run a good hour before and after a meal.

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