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Feeding Raw Bones?

Posted: Sun Dec 29, 2013 6:09 pm
by CocoLeBear
Hi All--

I've been looking into natural chew toys for Coco, which can be a little challenge because she is allergic to beef and chicken. She does enjoy pig ears and split antlers. Local pet shop told me they could order raw lamb femurs from Nature's Variety Instinct Raw. I ordered a two pack to try (about $15 so not inexpensive!), and she loves them! Pretty meaty and full of marrow. Ate both a few weeks apart (I had to ration!) A few questions:

1. Coco ate the whole femur--bone and all. She isn't a strong chewer and these are branded for dogs and she had no problems, so I assume this is okay. Read online that lamb bones are pretty soft. Can anyone else confirm this? Has anyone had an issue with their dog eating a lamb bone?

2. Any ideas where else to get raw non beef or chicken raw bones? Went to the butcher who was no help.

3. Any ideas for other raw bone protein sources that I don't have to special order? Saw on the Nature's Variety website that they also sell turkey necks which I could try (and just get from the butcher).

Any other good ideas? Thanks!