chow chow doesnt eat much, is he sick or just picky?

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chow chow doesnt eat much, is he sick or just picky?

Post by Apples » Wed Nov 13, 2013 9:46 am

Hello all

I have a Chow who's 11 months old, his name is Chowder. When Chowder was younger he would eat a lot and i mean A LOT to the point we had to lift up his dish every 5 seconds of eating unti he finishes his food so he wont choke, now it's a different story.

Now he skips his meals and if he does eat, he wont finish it. At first we thought he was sick but his nose is cold and moist and he's still very active, so that rules out the possibility that he's sick, right? He still runs fast whenever we throw his ball, no sign of any sickness at all.

He would scratch a lot on his sides, his snout, and he also bites his paws. Whenever he scratches i take a look at the area where scratched and i dont see any ticks (we give him frontline regularly) so it could be a sign of food allergy, right?

We also have this theory that he's not eating because he's craving for human food. We give him crackers, pizza crust ()oil is removed), bread, and his usual dog treats. This dog doesnt eat his food but when we order pizza or bring home takeout food, he always goes crazy for them!

Chowder usually eats twice a day. His food for the past months have been Royal Canin but lately he wouldn't finish his food. He would only eat once and at night and its not that much so last week we decided to stop Royal Canin and switch it to Orijen's six fish but after a day, he didn't want to touch it anymore so again, we switched to go naturals chicken and trout recipe. It lasted for 3 days but then again, he would only eat once and would not touch it that much so today we called the vet and asked if we can feed him home cooked food and she said yes so we fed him 3 1/2 cups of brown rice with minced carrots and sliced chicken although vet recommends 4-5 cups a day.

We didn't want to feed him that much first today since he's been used to eating just small amounts. We wanted to take it slowly. Vet also said we should give him the same food for a week then we can add on. Is 4-5 cups too much? And are we feeding the right food? Is it okay to give him at 11 months home cooked food? I love Chowder so much and I just want his love for food back :(

So i need help in determining whats wrong with our little baby Chowder :(. Could it be food allergies? Is he sick? Or is he just plain stubborn and wont eat dog food?

Rory's Dad
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Re: chow chow doesnt eat much, is he sick or just picky?

Post by Rory's Dad » Wed Nov 13, 2013 7:47 pm

1st off, stop switching his food every couple days. His poor stomach is probably upset. You may need to follow him around to determine how well he is digesting his food.

2ndly, make a decision on feeding him people food. I would challenge you to have a bowl of kibble after you had pizza for lunch. Not so appetizing. If you are going to feed him people food, consider a raw diet or a modified raw diet and supplement with kibble so his teeth get proper utilization.

I think (personally), 4 - 5 cups is too much, but read the label on the food bag for recommendations based on the dogs weight.

My dogs eat 1/2 a container of lowfat, no salt added Cottage Cheese for breakfast. For dinner we alternate between a boiled boneless skinless chicken breast and drained, rinsed hamburg meat. We supplement with about 1 cup kibble that is put down in the morning and left for them. If they eat that then another cup each at dinner.

I wouldnt read too much into the nose test. Look for healthy activity levels. Look for a good shine in the eyes. Check the coat for a smooth sheen and see if the skin is clear of lesions. Watch out for lethargy. Get a good tail wag out him. Check his teeth and gums for signs of trouble. Feel around his tummy for signs of discomfort. Try to find his ribs to check for overall balanced weight. Basically do your own vet check with him on a regular basis (watch the next vet check carefully, and see what they do).

Scratching and itchy could be signs of a food allergy, but since he has not been on the same food for any extended period, its unlikely. It could be airborne allergies, basic dry skin, a shampoo sensitivity, or boredom.

Chows will not starve themselves because they don't like a particular food. They will however learn to wait for a better option. They will also learn how to get attention. As a final thought, as chows mature their nutritional needs change. A growing puppy needs much more food in ratio to his weight than a fully grown dog. At 11 months he has probably reached full height and his weight range is pretty well established. Bone plates will continue to solidify until about 2, but the majority of growth is completed.

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Re: chow chow doesnt eat much, is he sick or just picky?

Post by JammyJoy » Sun Nov 17, 2013 2:56 pm

He's stomach must be upset. Or there are some times that dogs lost their appetite. Maybe Chow chow wanted to try something new.

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Re: chow chow doesnt eat much, is he sick or just picky?

Post by Constantina » Sat Dec 07, 2013 3:35 pm

Don't give him people food! He will never eat his dog kibble if you do. It's like offering us steak and expecting us to go back eating veggies and steamed unseasoned fish. At 11 months his appetite will definitely decrease compared to puppyhood. His growth has slowed down and he will require less food compared to 3-6 months of age. As for scratching could it be demodex mange or yeast? Is he losing hair and smelling funny? Have him skin tested at the vet for yeast or localized mange. Their puppy immune system does not become fully developed until 18 months old leaving them susceptible to mange and yeast.

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