Is BLUE BUFFALO BASIC good for dog allergy?

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Is BLUE BUFFALO BASIC good for dog allergy?

Postby cge2809 » Fri Mar 08, 2013 6:17 pm

So like I asked you guys before,
My dog bites her feet,shakes her head, scratches her ears.
And many of you guys thought that my dog has allergy.

I heard the vet doesn't give you exact answer,what type of food allergy
the dog has.

So I need to figure it out myself.
Any good advice? How should I find out what food she is allergic to?

Blue buffalo basic is good for dogs with allergy since it only contains
one type of meal with veggies.

Has anyone tried it?
I have no idea where to start!! :(

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Re: Is BLUE BUFFALO BASIC good for dog allergy?

Postby Merlin » Wed Mar 13, 2013 10:23 am

You can have an allergy test done to isolate certain known allergens.

While blue buffalo only has one meat, almost 100% of the time, it is all the other ingredients that are a problem and not the meat. I know allergies are frustrating but you need to get this dog on an elimination diet IF food is the suspect. Your dog could also be allergic to something in your home, sometimes it is poor genetics, sometimes it's due to shots, it can be many things.

Here's a good link to a breakdown of ingredients, and hopefully it will help you better understand that it is the additives that cause problems. ... uorman.asp

If you want to figure it out yourself, you need to place this dog on an "elimination diet" for at least 12 weeks, then slowly add other ingredients to his diet, so start to log what might be bothering him. And I'm hoping you're not feeding this dog "cookies".

You also need to understand that it takes WEEKS for an allergy to go away. It's not going to happen a few days later once you changed food. It can take several weeks to get an allergen out of their systems.

Has this dog had a cortisone shot to help with the allergies?
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Re: Is BLUE BUFFALO BASIC good for dog allergy?

Postby CocoLeBear » Wed May 29, 2013 6:26 am

Hi - My dog Coco is allergic to beef and chicken (or that is what I was told when I adopted her from the SPCA). She was in fairly rough shape when I got her with bald patches, crusty, and itchy. I first tried her on the Iams Ocean Fish (light blue bag) and then switched to the Blue Buffalo Basic Salmon. She is fine on both but I think the Blue Buffalo is higher quality. And it did take 4-6 weeks before I noticed a big difference.

Once you identify what your dog is allergic too, you have to look out for those ingredients everywhere. For example, Coco only gets salmon or tilapia jerky for treats and she doesn't get bones or anything else because she is allergie to beef and chicken (and it seems like chicken is in everything). The vet recommended antlers and she does enjoy those.

If skin itchiness is a problem, you can also supplement with fish oils. Coco gets a little extra of those too.

Caryl Myers
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Re: Is BLUE BUFFALO BASIC good for dog allergy?

Postby Caryl Myers » Sat Jun 01, 2013 12:22 pm

Blue Buffalo FREEDOM, is their grain free dog food, try that first...........
I use it and love it!

Caryl Myers

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Re: Is BLUE BUFFALO BASIC good for dog allergy?

Postby cocomini » Fri Jun 14, 2013 3:25 pm

Hi this is Shawn, just got back from the ASPCA web site. The reason I went there was Merlin posted some things printed by dog, I had to see for myself.
I do disagree with dog press on almost everything in that article. So does the ASPCA. Go see for yourself.
HTH, Shawn.

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