chow chow won't eat much

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chow chow won't eat much

Postby bernadettemagsais » Tue Sep 13, 2011 11:25 pm

Hello Po,

I am Bernadette, I own an 11 month old male chow chow. My chow chow's name is Kyle. He is very melodious or "malambing", he is also very active when it comes to playing around.

I have nothing to complain about his behavior except that when it comes to feeding time, he has poor appetite. He just won't eat much.

I would very much love to have at least a chubby chow chow. He loves to keep or running in our garden, I am thinking that maybe he has less appetite because as an 11 month old puppy, he just loves to keep on playing around.

I hope you guys could advise me on this. Please.

Oh and before I forget, he is our only dog so some say He is now looking for a female partner, that's is why he lost his appetite in eating. Is it true?

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