Skin and Coat help!

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Skin and Coat help!

Post by BellaBear » Wed Feb 16, 2011 3:15 pm

Hi, my beautiful 7 year old cream chow chow has been having issues with her skin and coat. First it started w/ scabs on her skin that the vet diagnosed as overly oily skin and gave her a shampoo for. Then about a month later her hair started falling out and she is chewing the inside of her legs.

I'm waiting for the results of blood tests to check for thyroid conditions etc. but I have a feeling it might be diet related? I've always fed her dry food. Right now she is eating Purina One chicken and rice formula.

The vet gave me some omega 3 capsules while we waited for the results of the blood tests. Does anyone have anything they like to feed them for their skin and coat. This is making me so sad! she used to have the most beautiful coat and now it is barely existent in some areas and, dry and rough like under coat in others, and greasy.

Someone told me adding pumpkin to their food? I've heard of taking them off gluten? raw diet? HELP!

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Re: Skin and Coat help!

Post by Merlin » Fri Feb 18, 2011 9:58 am

You need to have her thyroid tested. I'm hoping your did a 6 panel over the traditional 4 panel, but just based on what you described your chow sounds very thyroid.

Forget the pumpkin, t hat's only for when your dog is constipated.
You can learn about raw diets at

But dogs should never have gluten, so if you feed a food that is grainless ,( no soy, no corn, no wheat,) it is better period, and in the long run you dog will remain healthier, irregardless of what her skin is doing.
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Re: Skin and Coat help!

Post by EmznBella » Sat Mar 19, 2011 1:31 am

Good Morning

I have just gone through this with my lovely 3yr old chow Bella - must be something in the name !?

Anyway Bells was chewing and scratching her skin particularly her feet with watery eyes and snoring very loudly - in additon to this she had the odd scab/sore which were crusty and sometimes oozing like a hot spot poor thing. She was also suffering big clumpy hair loss I was very worried. Taking her to the vet she tested for thyroid and did blood test allergy testing for indoor, outdoor and other things ie other pets etc. Her food is natures menu the wet stuff which hasn't got any additives.

The normal range is over 150 for a high sensitivity to something. She came back positive on all three panels so they did specific tests to find out what it is which is causing the problem specifically. Bella has 17 very strong allergic reactions, some counts were over 4000!!!!!! Can you imagine... anyway.

Bella is allergic to a variety of Euro trees and grasses, dust of any form, flea saliva and so on. Her reaction that we have been seeing is all symptoms you describe and she had. Her thyroid is fine (thank goodness)

My vet has prescribed - special shampoo bath twice a month from them to stop itching and condition skin, she had a small dose of steriods for two weeks plus antibiotics for the sores to stop her itching. Now she has been prescribed piriton (anithistamine), coatex (a food supplement to strengthen immune system) and we are hoping this will solve the problem if not then they will create a vaccine specific to the things she is allergic to (immunology) or she can be on steroids for life, there is something else she can be injected with once a month called apitex (or something like that). I have also seen great results from changing to a dyson hoover (with hepa filter) she no longer snores and having ionisers. The vet did also suggest we could try to test for food allergy which takes 7 weeks and she won't be allowed off the lead (in case she steals and snack on a walk) but we agreed to try this first. It seems to be working well so far.

I am so sorry to hear of your poor chow - its very distressing isn't it? Sorry for the long mail but I hope my experience with Bella might be relevant and save you both time and distress.

Best of luck

Emma & Bells x

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