Food Problem

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Food Problem

Post by paulz01 » Sun May 09, 2010 7:14 pm

Hi guys, I have a 8 month old chowling, Sugar. The trouble is that my older sister and I have been fighting over and over about what's the best diet for my chowling. I give Sugar, IAMS: Lamb/Rice Kibbles formula - Since I know chowchow's should get some rice in their diet - I am waiting on until she's a little older to get her Solid Gold. I occasionally prepare her some rice and scrabble eggs as well.

The problem is that whenever my sister comes over to my house (sometimes I'm not there) - she gives Sugar one of those .69 cent Dog Can Food (the really big ones too). Sugar would devour the whole thing and expect me to give her some of that too. So in other words, she doesn't like to eat her kibbles anymore, unless i coax her and watch her eat. My sister's argument is that all her friends with dogs get a can food every day, and that I should to the same thing. I know what's in those cheap dog food things, and I know it's not very healthy but she believes otherwise.

Another thing that's been annoying me is that she says Sugar is too skinny and not fit. Sugar is 36-38lbs. I believe that's a very good weight. She's one of those people that overfeeds their dogs just so they look fat (she thinks it's cute). So I finally had enough and told her to stop giving her can food and we had a fight about it - she told me that I shouldn't feed sugar just kibbles and she needs can food at least once every day. -_- I told her it's not her dog so piss off. lol

So can anyone please tell me if I am going the right direction? And tell me if Sugar is healthy at 36-38lbs? Any other food advice would be great.


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Re: Food Problem

Post by kingalls » Sun May 09, 2010 7:29 pm

Sugar is so beautiful!
My opinion is to get her on Solid Gold now. Iams is not a recommended food. Solid Gold has a variety of food, including puppy food.
My two are mature and I feed them SG Hunden Flocken (sp?). kibble. I also feed them raw green tripe.
Karen, Kohana, Takoda, and our Chow Angels Nahkohe and Shiloh

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