New Chowldren Byron and Bella

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New Chowldren Byron and Bella

Postby Byron&Bella » Wed Mar 04, 2009 2:07 pm

Have two chows, byron and bella born dec 22 2008. One cinnamon and one Cream. I have been feeding them twice a day for about two days when i saw puppies need to be fed 3x a day, So i increased. The problem lies with how much at each feeding. I have a food scale so I've been giving them 4-5oz of dry food and 1/4-1/2oz wet each to mix in and make food moist. They finish that in about 1min flat, always him first. The bags all say about 1.5 cups per puppy/ per day, or is it 1.5 cups per serving, x 3per day :?:

Also, my girlchow seems to have more trouble getting inline then my lil fella, she almost seems handicapped kinda. The way she looks at you, not quite focused with her eyes, they are clear however, maybe it's just a puppy thing. She was very timid at the breeders, and very quiet, barely moving. Now after drinking copious amounts of water she has tons of energy, which we love! We have only had them since 02/20/2008, but she seems unpredictable at times. They both were fairly decent in the bathtub and he was more afraid of the dryer than she was. Hoping she is not mentally damaged or diseased, she is the best! Any tips as well for potty training, I keep a very rigorous walk schedule, but at least once a day they pee. two I don't use crates, i do pen them up in my kitchen. I always let them play for a while after I walk then pen them, should I always let them out to pee as soon as I get them Out of the kitchen?

Does anyone got any tips on training two pups at once?

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Re: New Chowldren Byron and Bella

Postby Laura » Thu Mar 05, 2009 8:08 pm

I'm not sure how much you should feed them exactly. Ask your vet? I have always free fed...just left dry food down round the clock and my two snack through-out the day at their leisure.
If you have concerns about your female my suggestion would be taking her to the vet for a check-up. You have probably already done that with getting shots but if not then I would.
As far as potty training I took mine outside every hour, after every play-time, meal, and nap the first few weeks during waking hours. At night they slept in the bedroom with me and never had accidents. I praised everytime they pottied outside and they caught on pretty fast. I kept doors shut to the bedrooms/office/etc but kept them in the living area with me or whatever room I was in only confining them when I wasn't home. They need to learn that the whole house is their den so that they won't potty in it. I would spend time with them in each room of the house playing and hanging out so that they understand this. If you keep them in the kitchen all of the time then the rest of the house isn't their 'den' so they will feel free to potty there.
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Re: New Chowldren Byron and Bella

Postby mikkabear » Thu Mar 05, 2009 11:00 pm

Ok, my first suggestion is to NEVER get two puppies at the same time. Just kidding. Mine are 6 months and 7 months respectively.
I would take your little female to an eye specialist to make sure her eyes are ok.
I would feed whatever they feel they need to eat (within reason). I never weigh their food, if they want more I give them more, I don't want to make them neurotic about not getting enough food. Of course I don't want to make them fat either but if you exercise them and feed reasonably they should be ok. And they are growing, my two eat twice as much as my adult chow Mikka did. And I always leave dry food out so if they get hungry they have something to snack on.
And the potty training, well, supposedly they can hold one hour for as many months they are of age, so we literally woke up in the middle of the night and put them outside, during the day they had a doggie door and pee-pee pads, there were many many accidents and thank the lord that stage has passed. I think our last accident was in December at age 3.5 months, you just have to be patient and understand that they will eventually get it. Use pee-pee pads when they are confined so at least the mess is confined.
Be consistent and repetitive with the training, you really need to spend 1-2 hours per day just on this. Not that mine are angels or perfect, they are little monsters but the loves of my life and yours will be that too.
Oh yeah, and lastly, they love compliments and praise, that's #1 with the training, never focus on the negative, always on the positive and be sure to tell them how smart they are. :D

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