my chow is a very picky eater.

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my chow is a very picky eater.

Postby teddybear43 » Wed Jan 21, 2009 9:40 am

my chow teddy doesnt like to eat. he normally leaves food in his bowl, he doesnt like treats, and will take the table scraps and will spit them out. the vet has told us to feed him more because he is underweight. i also just moved from a home he could roam freely because it was far off roads and our neighbors enjoyed his company but the new home is close to the road and he keeps running back to the old home. i tried a chain which he does fine with but it is hard to get him on it, so i got a fence in my backyard but he refuses to go out there. how can i get him healthier and keep him from getting hit by a car?

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Re: my chow is a very picky eater.

Postby Laura » Wed Jan 21, 2009 2:04 pm

Well first off what are you feeding him specifically and has the vet done any tests to make sure there is nothing medically going on to cause him to lose his appetite? How old is he...when did the food issues start?
Also you need to make the fenced in yard a positive place for him. Please don't let him roam or chain him. Leash him and take him to the backyard and let him explore and use it for playtime and fun things. Spend some time out there with him until he gets used to it. "Refuses to go out there :shock: " just wouldn't work around here...that is why I suggest the leash to lead him into the yard. He is 'spoiled' from his freedom at his old house but life's rough and his safety comes first so he needs to get used to 'city life' now.
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Re: my chow is a very picky eater.

Postby Auddymay » Wed Jan 21, 2009 2:12 pm

He may be a bit Try taking him on daily walks, and if you have a back gate (outside) that leads to the fenced area, finish the walk going in the backyard. If he has a favorite game he plays with you, such as fetch (Chow version usually means you have to fetch it from where ever he picked up the object, and take it from him), or even just a little chasing or rope tugging, engage him for a few minutes. Finish up before you go in by siting on the steps and having some quiet talking and scratching time. As you establish a pattern, he will associate the lead with a walk. When he does, go into the backyard with the lead in hand, and say "Let's go for a walk!" He should readily come outside. If you are already outside, he will be more likely to follow. He does not like the backyard, because it is boring. Or it could be too muddy for him this time of year. Are you comfortable going out there? If the answer is no, he probably isn't either.

Food wise, quit feeding him scraps, they are not good for him. Go get some chicken and bake it, no seasoning, then de-bone and bag it. These make excellent treats, and not too many Chows will turn their nose up at chicken. Do not over-do giving these treats, it keeps them special.

As for his regular PB Chow is picky picky picky. She weighs 33 pounds, and I can feel her spine and ribs, though the vet assures me she is very healthy and most dogs should be more like her. My 63 pound Chow mix is a gobbler, but even she self regulates her food intake. I put out enough food for 2.5 cups each per day. They eat from the same bowl. Half in the morning, and half in the evening. Sometimes there is food left at the next feeding times, sometimes not. Unless a Chow has a medical issue, they will not starve themselves to death. Pick a quality food you know he will eat, and put out one cup in the morning. If there is alot of food left at the next feeding time, replace it without any fretting and carry on business as usual. I have a feeling he is manipulating you a bit with the food.

Finally, if he is running to the old home, stop letting him run free. I hope this helps.

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