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Please Help!! Fighting Chows

Posted: Sat Apr 11, 2020 2:28 pm
by ProfMalm
We have three chows (one of then is a half chow). One is 8 years old and doesn't fight at all so he's not the problem, but the two others (Theo is a male half chow neutered and Millie is a female full chow spayed) fight.

Now, they have had only had 3 fights in the past 3 years, but with every fight it gets more and more aggressive and violent. We are not sure what to do becuase this last fight is so bad that our neighbor got bit and Millie might lose an eye. My parents love them so much and are heartbroken and in complete shock that this happened. They are usually not aggressive, but when they fight it's like they are completely different dogs.

Millie is very playful and comes off as a troublemaker and usually instigates it, she's also the youngest and the only one we adopted straight from a breeder and not from an animal shelter. Theo is usually very inactive and calm unless he's on a walk. He doesn't usually play much.

They usually do not fight when there's food around. This last fight happened outside in our backyard.

My mom is very stressed out about this, what should we do? What are our options? We really want to keep Theo and Millie becuase we love them but the fight was really bad.