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My two chow mixes are fighting badly

Posted: Wed Sep 05, 2018 4:19 pm
by Chowmix09
:| I have two 10 year old chow/Akita/husky mixes. Both are male and are not neutered.. my husband adopted them way before him and I met, when both dogs were puppies. Both dogs are from the same litter. They have always gotten into fights every now and then despite being best friends and inseparable, but just recently they have fought so bad twice now that it’s very scary for us and my husband cannot do anything to get them to stop. He has tried to separate them, pull one into another room and shut the door, but nothing really seems to work until they just stop. We’ve also tried pointing the water hose at them, yelling at them to stop. We’ve tried everything. Today they fought so bad we had to bring one of the dogs (usually the one that is the aggressor and dominant one) to our other house 30 minutes away. He has food and water there and is in air conditioning and we will have to go walk him again in the morning.. he isn’t so badly injured but the one we kept at home is not looking good at all so my question is, does anyone have any idea what could be causing these fights? We can’t figire out what triggers them and it breaks my heart to see them do this and hurt each other. We are considering giving away the one that is more aggressive and seems to growl and start the fights out of nowhere. We have been asking friends who don’t have any other pets if they would take him in but everyone seems afraid to take in an aggressive dog, even though we think he is ok by himself, without other dogs. Any suggestions on what we should do? I am very upset about this and hope we can figure something out.
Thanks In advance

Re: My two chow mixes are fighting badly

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2018 10:57 am
by Laura
I lived through the same thing with 2 males raised together from puppyhood. Both neutered young. The fights were few and far between for years but eventually got worse, very frequent, and with the last resulting in trips to the vet. Complete and total separation was the only answer. It will only get worse and more impossible to break up. It broke my heart. This was many years ago. I will never own same *Censored Word* chows again. Total separation whether that is at your house or someone else's is your only hope.