Pooping in crate

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Pooping in crate

Postby AlexM » Thu Jun 15, 2017 11:56 am

Hey I just got my 10 week old cinnamon chow puppy, Eden! She's been pretty good so far. She doesn't know her name too well yet, so dicaplining her is kind of hard. The problem I have is her potty training. When I brought her home the first night, I tried leaving her in her crate alone in a different room, but after a bunch of crying and barking, I gave in and let her sleep in my room. Now she uses her crate as a potty space and she pees and poops in there. I set potty pads down there to make cleaning easier. She has her first set of shots and is due for her next set soon. The problem is, I want to start bringing her outside in my backyard so she can get used to using the bathroom there, but I've been told numerous times that I cannot let her out. Is it too soon for her to be in my backyard? Pooping in her crate is a problem :oops:

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