Resource guarding against other dog

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Resource guarding against other dog

Post by Starving » Sat May 06, 2017 4:46 am

Hi, am new here, and I apologize as I'm sure this has been covered before but I'm currentlyabroad with a rather limited amount of data speed on my phone and it's not easy for me to research.

I have an 8 month old chow who is an angel. In my home country I live with 3 jack Russell terriers, 2 of which are mine and sleep with me. Compared to my 2 jrts, the jrts I had in the past, a gsd I had in the past, this chow is the most well behaved dog I've ever had. I can only take half the credit for training her, as I believe her good temperament was something she was born with.

I'm about to return home and my entire family traveled to a home we have closer to the airport. There's about 18 people living under one roof right now lol.. Plus one 2 month old puppy.

My chow has been exposed to puppies and other dogs as the house I was staying at prior to now had 2 other dogs (one friendly playmate and the other very vocal about not being touched) .. The friendly dog had puppies and my chow happily played with them. Those were newborn to 1month though.

This 2 month old puppy is a new experience without warning for my chow.

The 2 month old is very hyper and always hungry. After 5 days and gaining confidence, the 2 month old started running into my room. ... And eating my chows food. My chow is throwing a hissy fit about it.

I'm looking for methods in diffusing the situation so that my chows behavior does not escalate. The source of the problem is def the puppy but I can't discipline it as it isn't mine, and its rather young anyway. Putting the food away is an option of course but I like being able to free feed my animals so I don't have to worry that one is hungry...Putting the food away isn't a long term solution so much as avoiding my dogs behavior. If my chows resource guarding becomes a habit, then itll create larger problems for me later, as my jrts are no longer rambunctious puppies, but established pets in my household who will look at my chow as the offender and they will be willing to fight back.
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