6 Month Old Chow Aggresive Towards Bulldog

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6 Month Old Chow Aggresive Towards Bulldog

Postby bear_the_chow » Tue Jan 17, 2017 3:31 pm

Good evening I have read many of these threads and this is my first of many as I find this a very useful forum.

I am an experienced dog owner & have owned more than 1 dog at the same time before. I had a 9 year old rottweiler which lived with a then 3 year old British Bulldog. Both dogs were not neutered.

Bear is a 6 month old Chow. I have owned him since 8 weeks old. He lives here with a 5 year old non-neutered male British Bulldog Frankie & 6 month old half breed Sampson. He is brilliant with Sampson for hours they run about together play biting etc. However, the issue is with Frankie. It is becoming very frequent also. Flashpoints are becoming more and more, when they cross paths they have a fight, albeit when separated he relaxes but I want to nip this as soon as possible. In terms of his general behaviour, he is obedient & loyal, a great dog otherwise.

Any helps, questions or tips would be appreciated.

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